When people opt-in to your list, their information is stored in your Sendlane account and they are known as Contacts. Contacts make up the individual members of your audience. 

In this article, we'll dive into:

Contact Statuses

Your Sendlane contacts can be broken down into 3 general categories - subscribed, unsubscribed and suppressed.


Subscribed contacts include active contacts who have agreed to receive your marketing campaigns. 

A contact is no longer active within a specific list if they unsubscribe or if campaigns to their email address bounce.


An unsubscribed contact is a contact who previously agreed to receive emails from you, but has since opted-out. This is done when the contact clicks the unsubscribe link at the bottom of an email, if you manually unsubscribe the contact within your list, or if they reach an unsubscribe action within an automation

When a contact unsubscribes, they are unsubscribed from that individual list ( not the entire audience), so one contact can be unsubscribed from one of your lists and still be active in another. 


Contacts in Suppression were added to the Global Suppression List and are unable to receive emails of any kind. Contacts are added after a complaint, not following an unsubscribe request. 

Any email addresses that bounce back invalid are added to suppression as well. Once a contact's information is added to our Global Suppression List, it cannot be removed for any reason.

Viewing Contacts

Your contacts can all be viewed in the Audience tab under Contacts, Lists and Segments


Your Contacts page will be your overview of all your contacts. Here it will show you the total amount of unique contacts within your Sendlane account as well as the email, name, date added, date unsubscribed and total value of every one of your contacts. 

Clicking on an email or View will take you to their individual contact profile which will allow you to view or edit an individual contact's information, as well as as their Lifetime Value, Custom Fields, Tags and their recent activity.


When contacts are added into your Sendlane account, they are added into a List. When you click into a specific list, you can view all of the contacts in that list, the date added and view their contact profile. 


After you have created a Segment, you can click the View Contacts icon to view the contacts within that particular segment. 

Contact Profiles

Every contact in your Sendlane account has a contact profile where you can view all available data about that specific contact. This data includes their Status, Lifetime Value, Custom Fields, Tags, recent activity and more. You can also delete the contact, add a tag or remove them from specific lists while on their profile page. 

Contact profiles will show campaign data (such as campaigns sent, opened and/or clicked) for the last seven (7) days only. 

The contact profile will show the 25 most recent instances of all other activity data (such as purchases, subscribing to a list or unsubscribing).

Viewing a Contact Profile

Contact profiles can be accessed under Contacts, Lists, or in the 'Sent' tab of an email report.

To view a contact profile under contacts, click Contacts under the Audience tab and click on a contact's email address or click View. 

To view a contact profile under a list, click Lists under the Audience tab, click into a specific list and click on a contact's email address or click View Profile.

To view a contact profile under an email report, navigate to the email report within your campaign or automation, click the 'Sent' tab, then click on a contact's email address or click View Profile.  

Activity Feed

The activity feed allows you to view a visual timeline of events for your contact. Here's the information that can be found on the activity feed:

  • Subscribed - Shows the date and time the contact was added to a list
  • Unsubscribed - Shows when the contact unsubscribed from a list
  • Email Sent - Shows when contact was sent a campaign
  • Opened - Shows when the contact opened a campaign
  • Clicked - Shows when the contact clicked a link in a campaign
  • Page View - Shows when a contact triggered an event (Learn about Event Tracking)
  • Conversions - Shows when a contact made a conversion on your website (Learn about Event Tracking)
  • Shopify - Shows when a contact makes a purchase through Shopify
Please Note

Only campaigns sent within the last 7 days will show up in the contact profile's activity feed.

Editing a Contact 

You can edit a few contact details from their contact profile page.

  • Update Contact Info - Click the pencil icon to update the contact's first name, last name or phone number
  • Delete Contact - Under the contact's email address you can delete the contact by clicking Delete Contact
  • Add Tag - Under Tags you can add a tag by clicking Add Tag
  • Remove from List - Under Lists if you highlight a list you can remove the contact from that list by clicking the 'X' icon

Filtering by Status

Contacts within a list can be filtered by their status. To do this you must first click into the list you want to filter. Contacts are filtered to Subscribed contacts by default. Click Subscribed on the top right and a dropdown with the statuses will appear. Choose the status you want to filter your contacts by. 

Additional Sendlane Resources


Contact Statuses: Subscribed, Unsubscribed, Suppressed

Viewing Contacts: Audience → Contacts, Lists or Segments

Organizing Contacts: Audience → Lists → Click Subscribed on the top right → Choose the status you want to filter by

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