Suppression is basically the "do not contact" part of your audience. This is where any contacts are moved if they express that they don't ever want to be emailed again.

This is a great tool to help keep your sender reputation up and maintain your delivery, because Suppression prevents messages from being sent to any contacts that don't want to receive your emails.

Within Sendlane, you have the ability to suppress both emails and domains:

Either way, suppression prevents these contacts from being re-added to your list (or account) in the future. Contacts can also be moved to your suppression list after an email cannot be delivered and hard bounces

Before Getting Started

  1. First, collect the email / list of emails or domains that you would like to add to your suppression list.
  2. Next, determine if they should be added to suppression for a specific list, or your entire account.
Please Note

Once a contact has been added to Suppression, they cannot be moved or removed, so please be sure you know exactly where you're needing to add them!

Uploading Emails / List of emails to Suppression

  1. From your Dashboard, click on Audience → Suppression
  2. Click on Import 
  3. In the Tools menu, choose Import from a file if you have a file to upload or Copy + Paste if you have a single contact or a short list to enter
  4. Before adding or importing any contacts into the pop-up, make sure to click on the List dropdown and either choose Global or specify a specific list

  5. Click on Import Contacts to finalize, and you're all set! 

    Once your contacts are added to suppression, they'll be blocked from receiving messages accordingly!

  6. Please Note

    After adding contacts, your suppression list will be sent over to our Compliance Team for review. This is done to help avoid any possible confusion with adding contacts to your account!

If you ever need to see if a member of your audience was added to Suppression, you can search for specific contacts with the search bar at the top right of your Suppression page!

Uploading Domains to Suppression

  1. From your Dashboard, click on Audience → Suppression
  2. Click on Domain Suppression 

  3. In the new window that comes up, simply type in the domain that you would like suppressed and then click on Add. Once a domain has been added, you will notice it down below with a Trash Icon next to it, which will allow you to remove it if needed

Please Note

Adding domains to your Suppressed Domains list means that no email address containing these domain names will receive any emails from you, so please be sure you only add the necessary ones.


Add Single Contact to Suppression: Suppression → Import → Copy + Paste → Paste Email → Import Contacts

Add Entire List to Suppression: Suppression → Import → Drag and Drop file → Import Contacts

Add Domains to Suppression: Suppression → Domains Suppression → Type in Domain → Add

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