Add Contacts to Your Audience

Growing an engaged audience is the foundation of any successful marketing strategy! Sendlane offers five ways to add Contacts to your audience:

🚦 Before Getting Started

  • Create at least one List for new Contacts to be added to
  • Ensure that all Contacts' opt-in details (date, IP Address, and/or location) are recorded

Import Contacts

🚨 Important Note

All newly imported Contacts will go through List Review for the first 2-5 Campaign sends!

  1. Head to Audience → Lists and select the list that you want to add contacts to
  2. From within the list select Import 
  3. Here you'll see a place to drag and drop the file that contains your contacts

    To Import from a file, please be sure your file is either a .CSV or a .TXT file - other file types cannot be imported. You'll also want to delete any unnecessary or empty columns from your file. This will save time in the next step!

  4. Once you've uploaded your file, it's time to map your fields. You can choose from our pre-filled list of contact details, ignore fields, create custom fields from the data, or even apply a tag to all of the contacts in the file
    Please Note

    Listing a tag (or tags) here will add the tag to  every single contact in the file.

    If you'd like to add different tags to different contacts, please split each group into its own file and import separately. That way you can specify a tag for each set of contacts accordingly!

  5. Next, as long as all of the contacts in the file explicitly agreed to be contacted by you, click the checkbox to confirm
  6. Once you've added or synced your contacts, click Import Contacts to finalize the process and submit your import!

SMS Consent

🚨 Important Note 🚨

Contact imports must include email addresses, even if you only plan to send SMS messages. Email addresses act as Contacts' unique identifier in Sendlane.

Imports without email addresses for every Contact will not be approved

The following formats are accepted for indicated SMS Consent has been given:

  • 1/0
  • True/False
  • On/Off
  • Yes/No

When importing Contacts with SMS Consent, make sure to map the SMS Consent field in your file to the SMS Consent field in the import window:

What Comes Next

Once you've submitted an import within your Sendlane account, our Compliance team will begin reviewing the details of your newly imported list. 

You can track the status of your import using the Imports & Exports tab.

If your list is approved, click through to learn more about our List Review process!

Please Note

Imports do not trigger Automations in any way. If you'd like recently imported contacts to move into an Automation, please click through to see How to Trigger an Automation for Imported Contacts.

Manually Adding Contacts

  1. Head to Audience → List and select the list that you are wanting to add contacts to
  2. From within the list, select Add a Contact
  3. Next, select Quick Add to enter a single contact's information to your list using areas for Email, First and Last name, and any Tags that you would like to add to this contact
  4. Please Note

    Sendlane is a permission-based platform. Each contact you add to your list must have provided consent prior to being added and receiving emails from you.

Adding Contacts Using Pop-ups

If you have your own website and just need a way to collect contact information, you can add new contacts using our Pop-ups

These pop-ups (aka mini subscription webforms) can be added directly on your website to collect contacts in real time. 

Integrating Contacts

Sendlane offers 100s of integration options with other marketing tools you use every day.

Once integrated, any contacts you collect with outside platforms will also be added directly to your Sendlane account!

Head to the Integrations tab for a full list of platforms we integrate with:

Using API Calls

For our more advanced users, we have created an index of API calls to directly send contact information from your website or platform to ours.

API offers a more advanced way to manage your contacts in Sendlane. You are able to add single contacts or lists to your Sendlane account using the correct API call. 


Importing: Received the email "Uh-oh... There's an issue with your import!"

First things first, please make sure you are using Excel, Google Docs or Numbers, and that your file is in .CSV or .TXT format. Different tools may add extra lines or data into the file, which prevents our system from processing the contact information.

Next, be sure to remove any extra empty rows or columns, unnecessary data or special characters, as it can impede the import process.

If you continue having issues, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance!

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