How Do I Add Contacts to My Account?

An important part of getting started with your email marketing is growing your audience, so, how do you add new contacts to your account? 

Within Sendlane, there are five different ways you can do this:

Before Getting Started

You will need to create a list in order to successfully add new contacts.

You should also know that Sendlane is a permission-based platform, so please be sure that every contact has provided clear consent to be added to your list.

Please Note

All imported contacts  must include opt-in details including opt-in date, IP address and/or location.

Importing Contacts

  1. Head to Audience → List and select the list that you want to add contacts to. 
  2. From within the list select Import.
  3. Here you'll see a place to drag and drop the file that contains your contacts. You can also sync your contacts from another platform such as MailChimp and ActiveCampaign.

    To Import from a file, please be sure your file is either a .CSV or .TXT file - other file types cannot be imported. You'll also want to delete any unnecessary columns from your file. This will save time as the next step here involves mapping your fields, and either ignoring columns, or creating custom fields from the data:

  4. Once you've added or synced your contacts, click Import Contacts to finalize the process and submit your import!

What Comes Next

Once you've submitted an import within your Sendlane account, our Compliance team will begin reviewing the details of your newly imported list. 

Click through to learn more about our List Review process!

Manually Adding Contacts

  1. Head to Audience → List and select the list that you are wanting to add contacts to. 
  2. From within the list select Add a Contact.
  3. Next, select Quick Add to enter a single contact's information to your list using areas for Email, First and Last name, and any Tags that you would like to add to this contact
  4. Please Note

    Sendlane is a permission-based platform. Each contact you add to your list must have provided consent prior to being added and receiving emails from you.

Adding Contacts Using Webforms

If you have your own website and just need the form for your contacts to opt into, we have a Subscription Webform builder. This form can be added directly on your website to collect contacts in real time while they are viewing your page! 

Integrating Contacts

Sendlane offers 100’s of integration options with other platforms, both native and outsourced. If you’re already using another platform, we can likely utilize it to work with us. You can find the platforms we integrate with under the Integrations tab of your Sendlane account.

Head to the Integrations tab for a full list of integrations. Click on any one of them for information on how to Integrate!

This is a great way to add contacts that from one platform to Sendlane. Once integrated, you are able to use applications such as ClickFunnels to collect contacts and they will be added directly to your Sendlane account! 

Using API Calls

For our more advanced users, we have created an index of API calls to directly send contact information from your website or platform to ours.

API offers a more advanced way to manage your contacts in Sendlane. You are able to add single contacts or lists to you Sendlane account using the correct API call. 


Manually Adding a contact to a list: Audience → List → Add Contact → Create single contact/ Sync with another platform/ import file/ copy & paste → Create

Importing Contacts: Audience → List → Import → Drag and drop CSV or TXT file → Select the fields to include → Import Contacts → Compliance will review request

Creating a Webform: Forms → New Webform → Integration with Website

Using API Calls: API Calls

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