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Keeping a record of unsubscribed contacts is one of the ways Sendlane works to protect you as a sender. When Contacts are designated as unsubscribed from a List in Sendlane, they cannot be added back to that List.

Email regulations such as the CAN-SPAM act and GDPR require that all digital senders honor the privacy of personal data and opt-out requests.

In accordance with those regulations, Sendlane is a fully permission-based platform. We require that every person on your list expressly consents to being contacted by you, from the moment they subscribe, to every email opened, to the moment they choose to unsubscribe.

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Protecting Your Reputation

If a Contact who has unsubscribed from a List is accidentally added back to the same List after their record is deleted from Sendlane, receiving content that they explicitly do not want to receive might prompt them to mark your content as spam. Spam complaints can cause deliverability and sender reputation issues.

Customer journey data (including unsubscribed, or "opt-out requests") is essential to keep on file, in case a Contact questions if their privacy data was violated at any point by your account.

We do not recommend deleting unsubscribed Contacts. However, If you choose to delete any, we recommend keeping a record of these Contacts outside of your Sendlane account.

For more information on how to export your unsubscribed contacts, please click here.

Please Note
Sendlane is a profile-based platform, meaning that your account's billing plan is determined by the total number of Contacts you have - regardless of how many Lists each Contact is on. For example, if a Contact is subscribed to 3 lists, and unsubscribed to 1, they are still only charged as one Contact.

Removing Unsubscribed Contacts From Lists

Click the Audience icon in the left-hand menu bar → Lists tab → Select the List(s)* you want to remove unsubcribes for → Click Remove unsubscribed

*Removing more than a few thousand unsubscribed Contacts at once might cause a timeout error. It is recommended to remove unsubscribed Contacts from one List at a time.


My number of unsubscribed Contacts isn't going down!

If you have followed the instructions above for unsubscribing Contacts from Lists and aren't seeing your unsubscribe total go down, you may be encountering a timeout error. Try selecting fewer Lists at a time while removing unsubscribed Contacts.

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