Lists are the most basic way to organize Contacts in Sendlane. Each List can be used to send Campaigns and Automation emails, allowing you to target specific groups of Contacts with your messages.

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Before Getting Started

Prior to creating a List, you'll need to have at least one Sender Profile.

Creating a List

Click the Audience icon in the left-hand menu bar → Lists tab → +List button

Enter your List Name (this will be visible only to you) → Select a Sender Profile → Click the pink Create button

Editing a List

Click the gray arrow button in the View column of the List you want to edit

Editing a List’s Name

Click the gray Edit icon button next to the List’s name → Edit the List’s name → Click the green check button to save your changes

Changing a List’s Sender Profile

Click the black Edit button in the Sender Profile box → Select a new Sender Profile from the Select Sender Profile dropdown → Click the pink Save button to save your changes

Merging a List

Merging two or more Lists combines all Contacts on each List into a new List.

Select each List you want to merge → click the black Merge button

The Merge Lists pop-up window allows you to merge to an existing List or create a new List:

  • Merge to an existing List - Select the List to merge your selected List to from the dropdown
  • Merge to a new List - Enter a name for your new List and select a Sender Profile

After the merge is complete, you can keep the original Lists in your account or delete them. Select the radio button for the option you prefer, then click the pink Merge button to complete the merge.

Deleting a List

Click the gray arrow button in the View column of the List you want to delete → Click the black Delete List button → Click the red Delete List button to confirm

Please Note

If a Contact is only on a single List and that List is deleted, that Contact will be removed from your entire Sendlane account. Contacts cannot remain in your audience without being on at least one List.

List Statistics

Click on the gray View icon to view health statistics for an individual List

The List Statistics default reporting period is the last 7 days. Use the dropdown to view data for the previous one month, three months, one year, or five years.

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