Lists are the most basic way to organize the members of your audience within your Sendlane account.

Each list you create can be used to send campaign and automation funnel emails, allowing you to target specific groups of contacts with your messages.

In this article we'll cover how to:

Before Getting Started

Prior to creating a list, you'll need to have a sender profile created.

How to Create a List

  1. Navigate to Audience → Lists 
  2. Select the New List button at the top-right of your screen. This will prompt you to enter a bit of information:
    • Name – The name you choose is just for your own internal reference (your audience won't see what you put here).
    • Sender – Select the Sender Profile (aka "from" information) you would like to be associated with this list.
    • Subscription Reminder – We suggest filling this section with information about how the contact joined the list or why they are receiving your messages.
  3. After filling out all the required fields, select the pink Create button. 
  4. Please Note

    The Subscription Reminder is the message that will be in the footer of your emails. This will remind contacts why they are receiving emails from this sender.

Once you complete this step, your new list will be ready to use!

How to Delete a List 

  1. Navigate to Audience → Lists 
  2. Click on the three dots (...) next to the list you would like to delete 

  3. Click Delete

Please Note

Deleting a list also deletes the contacts within that list. However, if a contact is on multiple lists, they will remain on the other lists. For example, if contacts are:

  • only on List A and you delete list A, they'll no longer be on a list so those contacts will be completely removed from your account
  • on both List A and List B and you delete List B, they'll still be on List A

How to Edit a List

  1. Navigate to Audience → Lists 
  2. Click on Settings next to the list that you would like to edit

  3. The settings that can be edited are:
    1. List Name
    2. Sender
    3. Subscription Reminder

How to Find Your List ID

  1. Navigate to Audience → Lists and select the list you're interested in. 
  2. Click into the address bar of your browser. Your List ID is the number at the end of the page URL. In the example below, the ID number is 5.

Additional Sendlane Resources


Create a List: Audience → List → New List → Name, Sender Profile, Subscription Reminder → Create

Delete a List: Audience → List → Three dots Next to List that Needs to be Deleted → Delete

Edit a List: Audience → List → Settings

Find Your List ID: Audience → Lists → ID = number at the end of the page URL

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