How to Create and Manage Lists

Lists are the most basic way to organize Contacts in Sendlane for groups that you intend to target on a regular basis. Lists can be used to send Campaigns and Automation emails, allowing you to target specific groups of Contacts!

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Create a List

To create a List:

  1. From your Sendlane dashboard, click Audience > Lists > +List
  2. In the Create List sidebar window, enter a List Name and select or create a new a Sender Profile
  3. Click Confirm to save your new List!

Add Contacts to a List

To add Contacts to a List, click the Import button > Select your .CSV file of Contacts > Map fields > Finish

Check out more details on importing Contacts here!

🚨 New Lists are reviewed before they can be sent to

When you import a List, the Sendlane Compliance team reviews it to ensure that your List is safe to send to. During this process, you may see the following statuses next to your Import:

  • Processing - The List is being processed and is in queue to be reviewed by the Compliance team
  • Active - The List has been processed, reviewed by our Compliance team, and is now being activated in your account
  • Completed - The List is finished activating and is now ready to send to!

Edit List Details

To edit a List's details click the arrow in the View column next to the desired List

Use the top container of the View List sidebar to

  1. Edit a List's name
  2. Import Contacts to a List
  3. Export Contacts from a List to .CSV or .TXT
  4. Add Contacts from a List to a Facebook Custom Audience
  5. Start List Hygiene
  6. Manually add a single Contact to a List
  7. Delete a List (deleting a List permanently deletes all associated data such as segments, subscriptions, activity, and all Contacts who are not associated with other Lists)

Changing a List’s Sender Profile

In the Sender Profile section, click Edit > select a new Sender Profile > Save

Merge a List

Merging two or more Lists combines all Contacts on each List into a new List.

Select each List to be merged and click Merge.

Merge List Options

Merge selected to

  • An existing list Select the existing List to merge the selected Lists to
  • A new list Enter a name and select a Sender Profile for the new List

After merge is complete

  • Keep merged lists Lists that were selected and merged will remain in your account
  • Delete merged lists Lists that were selected and merged will be permanently deleted

Review List Statistics

To view a List's statistics click the arrow in the View column next to the desired List

The List Statistics default reporting period is the last 7 days. Use the dropdown to view data for the previous one month, three months, one year, or five years.

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