How to review statistics for a List


Each List generates List-specific metrics to help you monitor the performance. Read on to learn about the statistics available for each List in your Sendlane account!

Access List statistics

To view a List's statistics, click the arrow in the View column next to the desired List:

List statistics

There are four subsections of List statistics:

  1. General - Current count of subscribed versus unsubscribed email and SMS Contacts, plus all time revenue data.
  2. List Statistics - Default reporting period is the previous 7 days but can be changed via the dropdown in the top right corner of the container. Shows open, click, and growth rates for the selected time period, the number of Contacts who unsubscribed from the List in the selected time period, and a visualization showing how many emails were sent during the selected time period.
  3. Growth - Default reporting period is daily but can be changed via the dropdown in the top right of the container. Shows the List's growth rate (how many Contacts subscribed to the List) for the selected time period.
  4. Audience Breakdown - Shows how Contacts on the List subscribed.

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