How to manage Contacts on a List


Contacts can be managed directly from the List view. Read on to learn how to manage Contacts on a List!

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Remove Selected Contacts from a List

There are two methods for removing select Contacts from a List:

Select Contacts Manually Enter Comma Separated Values
  1. Select Contacts
  2. Click Remove from List
  1. Click Remove from List
  2. Enter comma separated values of email addresses to be removed from the List
  3. Click Remove Contacts

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Remove all Contacts from a List

Contacts who are only subscribed to one List will remain in your Sendlane account if they are removed from a List but will not be automatically subscribed to another List.

To remove all Contacts from a List:

  1. Click Remove all from List
  2. Click Remove all contacts

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Add a Tag to Selected Contacts on a List

To add a Tag to selected Contacts on a List:

  1. Select Contacts
  2. Click Tag
  3. Select a Tag
  4. Click Add

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