How to Export Your Contacts

Exporting contacts from your Sendlane account is a simple process where you can choose a file format that works best for your needs!

We export all the necessary opt-in details for every contact (like IP, location, and timestamp) if you ever need to manually upload your audience to another marketing tool.

Please Note

Opt-in details are only available for contacts that were collected by Sendlane via a pop-up (created within your account) or synced in via Shopify.

If a contact was imported, or added via another platform (such as Launchpad) that opt-in data is not passed along to Sendlane so it cannot be included in your export file.

Before Getting Started

Please be sure you have an active plan associated with your Sendlane account. If your billing plan needs attention, you will not be able to export. 

We also recommend verifying you have access to the email address associated with your account, as this is where your exported file will be delivered.

Exporting Your Contacts

  1. Select Audience → Lists from the navigation bar to the left. 
  2. Navigate to the list you would like to export your contacts from and select the Export button.

  3. Select All Contacts for the complete list or choose between Subscribed or Unsubscribed to narrow down the contacts you want to export

  4. Click the Export As CSV or Export As Text File, depending on the format you'd like. Your export will begin processing right away! You can also track the status of your export using the Imports & Exports tab
  5. Once the export is complete you will receive an email with the file of your choice attached, plus there will always be a copy available for download inside the Imports & Exports tab of your Sendlane account.

Please Note

Depending on the number of contacts you're exporting, the file may not arrive immediately. Please allow some time for the export to process and be delivered to your inbox.


  • Is your plan currently active?
  • Do you have access to the email address linked to your account?
  • Have you checked the spam folder for the email with the exported file?
  • Did you allow time for the export to process and be delivered to your inbox?

If your plan is active, you've verified your account email, given the file time to process, checked the spam folder and still have not received the export, please reach out to our support team for help!


Audience → Lists → Choose list → Click Export → Select contacts/segments → Export As CSV or Export As Text File.

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