How to export your contacts


Sendlane users with active accounts can export contacts from Lists, Segments, or as individual contacts to .CSV or .TXT files that contain the following fields by default:

Email Country Sign-up IP*
First Name Subscribed date Last used IP
Last Name Added to list date Subscribed (Yes/No)
Phone Sign-up Source List

*Opt-in details such as Sign-up IP are only available for contacts that were collected using a Sendlane Pop-Up or synced through Shopify.

In this guide

🚦 Before Getting Started

Make sure your Sendlane account is active! If your billing plan needs attention, you cannot export contact data.

Export contacts

You can export from the contacts, Lists, Segments, or Tags tabs of the Audience page. Below is an example of exporting from the Lists tab:

  1. Select one or more Lists 
  2. Click Export
  3. From the dropdown, select All Contacts (both subscribed and unsubscribed), Subscribed, or Unsubscribed
  4. Select one or more optional data points to export by pressing and holding down the Command key on your keyboard
  5. Select a file type
  6. Click Export

Your export will begin processing immediately! You will receive an email with a copy of your export file to the email address in your Sendlane profile. You can also track the status of your export using the Imports & Exports tab and download the file there when it is complete.


I haven’t received my contact export!

If your plan is active, you've verified your Sendlane account email, given the file time to process, checked your spam folder, checked the Imports tab, and still have not received your export, please reach out to our support team for help!

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