How to Remove Unengaged Contacts With Segmentation

Removing unengaged contacts is a great way to keep your sender reputation clean and healthy, and ensure your email marketing yields the absolute best results!

Segmentation is a great tool to find and remove unengaged contacts, because it allows you to group contacts within your lists automatically! Plus, you can specify exactly how long contacts have been in your account and check their behavior before removing anyone.

Here, we'll go over how to:

Before Getting Started

You will need to have created a list with contacts and send at least one campaign to this list before removing unengaged contacts.

How to Segment Unengaged Contacts

  1. Navigate to Audience → Segments
  2. Click on New Segment 
  3. On the New Segment page, you'll see two basic fields to complete:
    • Name: Choose a name for your segment (we recommend using "Unengaged" or "Inactives" to help you remember exactly what the segment is for!)
    • List: Select which list(s) you want to segment. You can also select Global to include every list in your account.
  4. In the Matches section, select the following details:
    • ALL
    • Subscriber Activity Did Not Open → Any Campaign
    • AND
    • Date Added Is Before → (Choose a date)

  5. Please Note

    The Date Added parameter is used to filter out older contacts vs those that have been recently added. In this example, only contacts that have been in the account before 6/1/2019 will be checked, allowing newer contacts time to open your campaigns!

  6. Once you have added the correct conditions, click Save in the top right corner to finalize your new segment!

How to Remove Segmented Contacts

  1. Click on the segment you created earlier that contains the contacts that you would like to remote
  2. Review the contacts in the segment, just to be sure they're the proper group you'd like to delete
  3. When you are ready to delete the contacts in this segment, click Remove All
    Please Note

    By clicking  Remove All, these contacts will be permanently deleted from your account!

  4. Once the contacts have been removed, a CSV list will be emailed to the email address linked to your Sendlane account for your records.
  5. Please Note

    Files of deleted contacts under 20k rows will download immediately, anything larger will be sent via email.

    Depending on the number of contact you're deleting, the file may not arrive immediately. Please allow time for the larger files to process and be delivered to your inbox!

Additional Resources

For a more in-depth explanation and overview about segmentation within Sendlane, please see our Segments help doc.

If you hit any roadblocks, you can also get in touch with our team of email marketing automation experts right here!


Segment Unengaged Contacts: Segments → New Segment → Name, select lists, and add conditions → Save 

Remove Segmented Contacts: Segments → Select Segments to Remove Contacts from → Review Contacts → Remove All

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