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Removing Contacts who are not engaging with your content is an easy way to maintain your sender reputation with great deliverability and boost engagement. Use List Hygiene to remove Contacts from specified Lists after a period of inactivity!

List Hygiene is only available for email activity. SMS activity is not included in List Hygiene logic.

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Before Getting Started 

In order for List Hygiene to run, your account must have at least one List with Contacts who have been in your Sendlane account for at least 30 days and have received at least one email.

If you'd like to remove inactive Contacts that have been in your account for less than 30 days, use Segments. Learn more about that process here!

Accessing List Hygiene

Click the Audience icon > Lists > View > Hygiene

Smart List Hygiene 

Use Smart List Hygiene to remove Contacts at one point in time rather than on an ongoing basis.

Smart List Hygiene is the default first tab in the List Hygiene window. To run Smart List Hygiene:

  1. Set the number of days (between 10 and 365) of inactivity to run Smart List Hygiene for
  2. Click Remove inactive contacts

Once the process is complete, inactive Contacts will be removed from your List and you'll receive an email with an export .CSV file that includes all of the removed Contacts' details.

Automatic List Hygiene

Use Automatic List Hygiene if you'd like to have unengaged Contacts removed automatically! To enable Automatic List Hygiene:

  1. Click the Automatic tab on the List Hygiene window
  2. Click the toggle to Enabled
  3. Choose a number of days of inactivity (we suggest 60)
  4. Choose a frequency for Automatic List Hygiene (we suggest every 14 days)
  5. Click Update Automatic Hygiene
  6. Click Proceed

Every time Automatic List Hygiene runs, Contacts will be removed according to the unengagement settings you've specified and you'll receive an email with an export .csv file that includes details on the Contacts that were removed.

List Hygiene History

The History tab shows the date and time of all past List Hygiene processes, the number of Contacts removed during each process, and the ability to download a .csv file of the removed Contacts' details or the option to restore the removed Contacts to the List.

Be cautious when restoring contacts removed by list hygiene. If these contacts were not engaging with your content previously, it is very unlikely that they will start engaging in the future. 

Sending to unengaged contacts will hurt your deliverability and open rates, and may even damage your sender reputation over time. 

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