Segments can be used to slice your Audience into targeted collections of Contacts based on dozens of attributes! Segments can be used to send Campaigns or start Automations.

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🚦 Before Getting Started

Prior to creating a segment, you need to have created a List that contains Contact attribute data. Attribute data includes a Contact's profile properties, engagement history, purchase history, and more. Check out the complete list of available Segment Options and Operators.

Understanding Segment Logic

Check out the  Segment Options and Operators guide for a complete overview of all Segment logic.

Use multiple options by including OR/AND conditions in your Segment:

  • OR condition – Adds Contacts to Segment if they meet any of the logic’s condition.
  • AND condition – Adds Contacts to Segment if they meet all of the logic’s conditions

💡 Pro tip: More conditions result in smaller Segments, fewer conditions result in larger Segments

Segments are essentially a way to filter your Contacts based on attributes or behaviors you select as conditions. More conditions lead to more filtering, which results in a smaller pool of Contacts because conditions are more specific. Fewer conditions lead to less filtering, which results in a larger pool of Contacts because conditions are more broad.

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Inverting Segment Logic

Each Segment condition can be inverted by selecting the Inverse of this condition checkbox. When this checkbox is selected, Contacts who do not meet the condition will be pulled into the Segment.

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Create a Segment

To create a new Segment:

  1. Click the Audience icon
  2. Click the Segments tab
  3. Click +Segment
  4. Enter a name for your Segment
  5. Click Confirm

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Manage Segments

  • Export - Export a .CSV file of Contacts in the selected Segments
  • Delete All Contacts - Delete Contacts in the Segment from your Sendlane account
  • Create List - Create a List of the Contacts in the Segment as of the time the Segment was processed
  • Delete Segment - Delete the Segment from your Sendlane account (this will not delete Contacts)
  • Duplicate - Make a copy of the Segment
  • Reprocess - Process the Segment again

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My Segment is showing 0 Contacts! 

If a segment you've recently created is showing zero contacts, check the conditions you have in place. If you have multiple conditions, double check your AND/OR logic. If you have AND selected, both conditions must be met in order for a contact to appear within the segment. If OR is selected, meeting just one of the conditions will place a contact within the segment. 

Additional Resources

For more information about segmenting your contacts, check out these helpful articles:

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