Custom Fields

Using Custom Fields, you can collect and record information about your Contacts that can be used to segment your audience, run Automations, and personalize your content.

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Before Getting Started

To get the most out of Custom Fields, create a Pop-Up to collect data from your Contacts. If a Contact does not have data in a Custom Field, that Contact will not be included in any actions that depend on the Custom Field and the field will appear blank for that Contact.

Creating a New Custom Field in Sendlane

  1. Click on the Audience icon in the left-hand menu bar → Personalization tab
  2. Click the black +Custom Field button 
  3. Enter a name for your Custom Field (this will be the text you’ll see when inserting the Custom Field into Campaigns and Automation emails, so make your name descriptive and precise!)
  4. Click the black Confirm button to save your Custom Field

Creating a New Custom Field While Importing Contacts

You can also create a new Custom Field while importing new contacts into your account.

  1. Click on the Audience icon in the left-hand menu bar → Lists tab
  2. Select the List you are importing into and click the black Import button 
  3. Select your .CSV file
  4. In the Field mapping & Import settings window, click the dropdown next to the column you’d like to create a Custom Field from and select Create Custom Field
  5. Enter a name for your Custom Field next to the dropdown
  6. Click the pink Import Contacts button to import your Contacts and create your new Custom Field

Collecting Data for Custom Fields


Pop-Ups can be used to collect Custom Field data from your Contacts when they opt in to your content.

On the Pop-Up editing screen, Custom Fields are located on the bottom right of your content sidebar. You can also create a new Custom Field by clicking ADD CUSTOM FIELD beneath your Custom Fields. 

Drag and drop your Custom Field into the Pop-Up you are creating and you are all set! When a Contact opts-in to your content by completing the Pop-Up form, the Custom Field data will be stored in their Contact profile. 


Check out Sendlane’s API documentation to learn how you can use the POST method to add Contacts with a Custom Field.

Editing Data in Custom Fields

To edit the data in a Custom Field for a Contact, open the Contact sidebar or full Client Profile and locate the Personalization section.

Click the pink arrow next to the Custom Field you want to edit → Edit icon

Make your desired changes and click the green checkmark to save or the gray X to exit the Custom Field without saving changes.

Using Custom Fields in Campaigns

Custom Fields are a great way to personalize your Campaigns! You can add Custom Fields to any campaign similar to the way you would add a personalization tag.

  1. Click into your email’s content where you want to add a Custom Field
  2. Click on the Personalization Tag icon and select the Custom Field from the dropdown that you'd like to include within the body of your message.You will find your Custom Fields below the already built-in tags
  3. The Custom Field will be added to your email with the unique VAR code it was assigned

When you send your message, any Contact who has information in their Contact profile for that Custom Field will see it displayed in your email! If there is no Custom Field data for that contact, the Contact will see a blank space.

Using Custom Fields in Automations

Custom Fields can be used to trigger Automations! Select Custom field added as a trigger in an Automation to start an Automation when Contacts fill out a Pop-Up with the Custom Field you select.

Custom Fields can also be used in Conditional Splits in Automations. In the Conditional Split sidebar, select Custom Fields from the Condition dropdown, then adjust your parameters for the split’s logic depending on your Contacts’ Custom Field data.

Segmenting Using Custom Fields

Segmenting by Custom Fields is a great way to target specific audiences to send to! You can create Segments based on any Custom Field.


I don't see Custom Field data for a Contact!

Be sure the data point was collected in their contact profile! Without that information, the variable tag will not have anything to pull from. Some Custom Fields, such as Contact Phone number, are not able to pull data when used in an email's subject line.

I don’t see Custom Field data in my test email!

Custom Field tags will not populate with Custom Field data in test emails. To ensure that your email renders Custom Field data properly, make sure that the correct Custom Field VAR code appears in your email.

How do I delete a Custom Field?

Growth customers can reach out to our 24/7 support and Pro users can reach out to their Customer Success Managers to request removal of a Custom Field.

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