Custom Fields

Custom fields are a great personalization tool that can be used to record specific information about your contacts when they subscribe to your mailing list. 

These fields can then be used to create segments, begin automations, and send more targeted messages with personalized content!

Here, we'll cover how to:

Plus, you'll also find sections on testing and troubleshooting!

Before Getting Started

It's important to know that in order for Custom Fields to function, you must first capture the relevant information within a contact's profile inside your Sendlane account. 

We recommend using pop-ups to do so!

Please Note

If a contact does not have the relevant information stored within their profile, the Custom Field will not have any data to display, and the text will be blank.

Creating a New Custom Field

  1. Navigate to AudienceCustom Fields 
  2. Select New Custom Field
  3. Name your custom field, select the type of custom field and click Save

Creating a New Custom Field While Importing

You can also create a new custom field while importing new contacts into your account. 

  1. Navigate to AudienceLists
  2. Select the list you are importing into and click Import at the top. 
  3. After you add your .CSV file, you will move to the Field mapping & Import settings. Here is where you can map your fields to the custom fields you have already created
  4. If you are importing a new custom field, choose create custom field from the dropdown and name your new custom field. 
  5. Click Import Contacts when you are ready and your custom field will be created and imported!

Collecting Custom Fields Using Sendlane


The first option to collect a custom fields would be to use a Pop-up. When you are creating your pop-up, you will notice your custom fields are located on the bottom right of your content sidebar. You can also create a new custom field by clicking ADD CUSTOM FIELD beneath your custom fields. 

Drag and drop your custom field into the popup you are creating and you are all set! When a contact opts-in, the custom field will be collected inside their contact profile. 


The second option to collect a custom field would be using our API. Using our API documentation you can use the POST method to Add Contact with a custom field. 

Using Custom Fields in Campaigns

Custom fields are a great way to personalize your campaigns! You can add custom fields to any campaign similar to the way you would add a personalization tag

  1. To use a custom field in the content of an email, make sure you have a message open in the Sendlane Email Editor
  2. Next, place your cursor where you want to add a custom field
  3. Then, click on the Personalization Tag icon and select the tag from the dropdown that you'd like to include within the body of your message.

    You will find your custom fields below the already built-in tags

  4. Once added, you will see your Custom field added to your email with the unique VAR code it was assigned

When you send your message, any contact who has information on file for that Custom Field will see it displayed within the text! If there is no custom field data for that contact, it will show as a blank space.

Using Custom Fields in Automations

Custom fields are a great way to personalize your Automations as well! You can add custom fields to any email within your Automations, following the steps outlined above! This will allow you to send personalized emails for your contacts, as soon as they opt in to your list.

Segmenting Using Custom Fields 

Segmenting by custom fields is a great way to target specific audiences to send to!

In this example we will create a segment to send a campaign to contacts who added that their favorite color was red.

  1. Navigate to AudienceSegments
  2. Click New Segment
  3. After naming your segment, choose Custom Fields, select the custom field you want to segment and choose the arguments
  4. Once finished, click Create Segment to complete your segment
  5. After the segment has processed, you can view how many contacts your segment contains next to the audience icon

You're all set! Now you can send a campaign to this specific segment to personalize your email messages even more. 

Testing Custom Fields

As a best practice, we always recommend testing your messages before sending them out to anyone in your audience. 

However, it's important to note that Custom Fields will not function when sending a test email (because it's a test environment, not a real database pull) so please be sure that the tag details are correct within your content before hitting send!


Does the contact have the correct custom field information recorded in their customer profile?

Be sure the data point was collected in their contact profile! Without that information, the variable tag will not have anything to pull from.

Additional Resources


Custom Field: Audience → Custom Field → New Custom Field 

Custom Field while Importing: Audience → Lists → Choose List → import → Select Import File → Select create custom field from dropdown

Using Pop-ups: Pop-ups → Create new Pop-up → Drag custom field onto Pop-up

Campaigns: Email Editor → Place Cursor → Personalization Tag icon → Select custom field

Segment: Audience → Segment → Custom Fields from dropdown 

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