Pop-ups are a great, interactive tool that Sendlane offers to turn users who visit your website into contacts in your mailing list!

Here we'll cover:

Before Getting Started

Be sure you have created a list inside of your Sendlane account, so you have a destination for your pop-ups to place your new leads and contacts!

Also, please note that you need to have access to the HTML code of your website to install the pop-up.

Different Types of Pop-ups

Sendlane offers three different types of pop-ups:

Inline    This pop-up can be directly added to your website. It will be placed where ever you decided when adding the code. 
Popup    This form will pop up after a user has been viewing the page for a certain amount of time. 
Banner This pop-up is fixed to either the top or the bottom of the page. It will scroll with the user as they navigate your website.

Creating a Pop-up

  1. From your Sendlane dashboard, navigate to the Pop-up menu
  2. Click on New Pop-up
  3. Next, select the type of form you'd like to use and click Next
  4. Name your new pop-up (this is just for your own records, visitors will not see the name you enter here) and choose either single or double opt-in settings
  5. Please Note

    Single opt-in will add contacts directly to your Sendlane account. Double opt-in will first send a confirmation email that contacts will need to open and click through before they are added to your Sendlane account.

  6. Next, you can use the sidebar options to start customizing your pop-up: 
    • With the Content toolbar, you're able to add new elements, fields and even add custom fields
    • Please Note

      If you are using images for your Logo be sure to use either .png or .gif files.

    • The Style toolbar allows you to make style adjustments to the pop-up, like adding images, changing colors, and more
    • You'll see Position toolbar for both pop-up and banner-style forms, where you can specify the placement of your pop-up on the page
  7. Continue dragging-and-dropping, designing and customizing your pop-up form until you're happy with it
  8. Once you've finished creating the perfect pop-up, click Next to move on
  9. Select what happens after a lead completes your pop-up
  10. Use the Style toolbar to design your Thank you page
  11. Once you're done designing, click Next

  12. Use the Subscription List dropdown to select the list for your contacts to be added to once they subscribe If you have double opt-in enabled for your popup then you can use the Edit Confirmation button to edit the confirmation email sent to your contact after they opt-in
    Use the Confirmation Edit page to choose the redirect after your contact confirms their subscription and edit the message in the email
  13. Click on Publish and you're all set!

Your completed pop-up is ready to be installed on your website!

Installing a Pop-up

To install a published pop-up, you have a few options:

Copy and paste the code right before the closing </body> tag for any page you'd like the pop-up to show

Send to your developer so they can install the code for you. They'll receive an email with the subject line "Sendlane Form Code"

Please Note

You need to have access to the HTML code of your website to install the pop-up.

The "Raw Form" HTML code for the pop-ups will not be available for the Banner or Pop-up types. These versions of the pop-up need to use the JavaScript code in order to function properly (i.e., to actually "pop" up or to scroll along the page).


Creating a Pop-up: Pop-ups → New Pop-up → Select Pop-up Type → Name and Select opt-in → Build From → Build Success Page → Select List → Publish → Copy Code for Website!

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