How to Use Beacon with Shopify

Sendlane’s Beacon tracking pixel allows you to follow your Contacts through their entire customer journey, from pages viewed to purchases made, even if you don't use a deep data eCommerce integration!

Read on to learn how to install general tracking on your Shopify store and start collecting valuable customer journey data.

🚦 Before Getting Started

Make sure you have admin access to your Shopify store


 Copy Beacon General Tracking Code

  1. Head to the Beacon tab of your Account page
  2. Click Get Beacon Code
  3. Click Copy code

 Add Beacon General Tracking Code to Shopify

  1. Log in to Shopify
  2. Click Online Store
  3. Click the three dot menu next to your active theme 
  4. Click Edit Code
  5. Search for header.liquid
  6. Click into the header.liquid file
  7. Paste your Beacon code on the first line of the header.liquid file
  8. Click Save

 Check Beacon Installation

Once you've saved your Beacon code inside your Shopify theme's header file, check that Beacon is firing correctly by inspecting your website. This process assumes you are using Chrome, which is the most compatible browser for Sendlane:

  1. Copy the event ID from your Beacon installation code
  2. Open your Shopify store
  3. Right click anywhere on the page
  4. Click Inspect
  5. Type Command/Control + F to open the finder
  6. Paste the event ID from your Beacon code

If your event ID is highlighted, Beacon is installed correctly! If your event ID was not found, try installing Beacon again and reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Sendlane's 24/7 Product Support team for next steps.

Beacon is now equipped to track site visits, conversions, and events on your Shopify website and the information will be available inside of your Sendlane account, within each contact profile!

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