What are Personalization Tags?

Personalization Tags are codes that pull information stored in Contact profiles into email and SMS messages, allowing you to personalize your content to each individual Contact!

Sendlane includes default VAR and template syntax personalization tags, plus VAR tags generated from Custom Fields!

🚨 Important Notes

  • Contact profiles without data in Personalization Tag fields will see a blank space where that Personalization Tag is inserted unless you set a default value for the tag
  • Personalization Tags will not populate with data when sending test emails
  • Personalization Tags will not populate with data if there is a typo in the tag

Use Personalization Tags in Emails

Subject Lines & Preheaders

Click the tag icon in the subject line or preheader line of a Campaign or Automation email to insert a personalization tag, or copy the tag from the table below

Email Body

  1. To use a Personalization Tag in the content of an email, make sure you have a message open in the Email Builder
  2. Next, place your cursor where you'd like to add your contact's info and click on the Personalization Tag icon
  3. Select the variable you'd like to include within the body of your message
  4. Once you do, you'll see the tag populate within your content

When you send your message, any contact who has information on file for that Personalization Tag will see it displayed within the email!

Advanced Ways to Personalize Your Messages

Anytime a Custom Field is created within your account, it is assigned a unique VAR code, which means you can use custom fields as personalization tags!

Be cautious when creating Custom Fields! Custom Fields cannot be deleted from your Sendlane account once they are created.

You'll find all of your custom fields below the built-in tags within the Personalization Tag dropdown:

Templating Syntax

Tag Name Tag Code Display Example
First Name {{ contact.first_name }}
Last Name {{ contact.last_name}} Doe
Full Name {{ contact.full_name }} John Doe
Email {{ contact.email }} johndoe@sendlane.com
Phone {{ contact.phone }} +1123456789

VAR Personalization Tags

Tag Name Tag Code Display Example
Site name VAR_SITE_NAME Sendlane
Site URL VAR_SITE_URL https://www.sendlane.com
Unsubscribe VAR_SITE_UNSUBSCRIBE To update or remove your contact information please   Manage Your Subscription
Contact first name VAR_FIRST_NAME John
Contact last name VAR_LAST_NAME Doe
Contact full name VAR_FULL_NAME John Doe
Contact email VAR_EMAIL john@sendlane.com
Contact phone number VAR_SUBSCRIBER_PHONE 888-927-2664
Contact mailing address  VAR_MAILING_ADDRESS Sendlane, 10620 Treena Street Suite 250, San Diego, CA, US 92131
Contact country  VAR_COUNTRY United States
Contact state VAR_STATE California
Contact city VAR_CITY San Diego
Contact opt-in date VAR_SUBSCRIBE_DATE 2020-05-01
Contact IP address VAR_SIGNUP_IP
Formatted date VAR_FORMATTED_DATE May 1, 2020
Date VAR_DATE 2020-05-01
Time VAR_TIME 16:32:41
Year VAR_YEAR 2020
Day VAR_DAY Tuesday
Time sent VAR_TIME_SENT 18:39:29
Date & time VAR_DATE_TIME 2020-05-01 16:32:41
Day, date & time VAR_DAY_DATE_TIME Fri, May 1, 2020 4:32 PM
Day, date & time VAR_DAY_DATE_TIME Fri, May 1, 2020 4:32 PM


My Contact's Personalization Tag isn't populating with their data!

Contact Profiles without data in Personalization Tag fields will see a blank space where that Personalization Tag is inserted in any email they receive unless you set a

I don't see populated Personalization Tags in my test emails!

Test emails will not populate any data in Personalization Tags because there is no Contact profile to pull data from when sending a test email

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