What are Personalization Tags?

Personalization Tags help you tailor communications specifically for individual contacts within your audience.

These variable tags act as placeholders within your messages, pulling unique information from each person's contact profile (like their name, email address, or location) so you're able to customize the email experience for each recipient!

Before Getting Started

It's important to know that in order for Personalization Tags to function, you must first capture the relevant information within a contact's profile inside your Sendlane account. This can be done using a form, as soon as contacts opt-in to your list!

Please Note

If a contact does not have the relevant information stored within their profile, the Personalization Tag will not have any data to display, and the text will be blank.

Using Personalization Tags in Subject Lines

  1. To personalize a subject line, navigate to the Campaign Information page of your message.
  2. Within the Email Subject field, select from the Personalization dropdown to add their first name, last name or email address.

Once you select a Personalization Tag, you'll see that placeholder appear in your subject line.

When you send your message, any contact who has information on file for that Personalization Tag will see it displayed in their custom subject line!

Using Personalization Tags in Emails

  1. To use a Personalization Tag in the content of an email, make sure you have a message open in the Sendlane Email Editor.
  2. Next, place your cursor where you want to add a Personalization Tag. 
  3. Then, click on the Personalization Tag icon and select the variable you'd like to include within the body of your message.

When you send your message, any contact who has information on file for that Personalization Tag will see it displayed within the text!

Other Ways to Personalize Your Messages

In addition to using the subject line and email editor drop downs, you can also personalize your communications by copying and pasting in any tag you'd like to use.

Here's a full list of Personalization Tags available within Sendlane:

VAR_SITE_NAME = Site name
VAR_MAILING_ADDRESS = User mailing address
VAR_PHONE = user phone number
VAR_FIRST_NAME = contact first name
VAR_LAST_NAME = contact last name
VAR_FULL_NAME = contact full name
VAR_EMAIL = contact email
VAR_COUNTRY = contact country
VAR_STATE = contact state
VAR_CITY = contact city
VAR_SUBSCRIBE_DATE = contact opt in date
VAR_SIGNUP_IP = contact IP address

Please Note

To avoid any possible keystroke issues, please be sure to copy and paste the Personalization Tag you'd like to use instead of typing it in directly!

Testing Personalization Tags

As a best practice, we always recommend testing your messages before sending them out to anyone in your audience. 

However, it's important to note that Personalization Tags will not function when sending a test email (because it's a test environment, not a real database pull) so please be sure that the tag details are correct within your content before hitting send!


Subject Line: Campaign Information page → Email Subject field → Personalization dropdown → Select tag

Email: Email Editor → Place cursor → Personalization Tag icon → Select tag


  • Does the contact have the correct information (name, email address, or location) recorded in their customer profile?
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