Tags are labels that are assigned to Contacts based on their unique interests, activity and behavior. Tags help create granular collections of Contacts for highly targeted content!

Follow along with this guide to Tags and check out the Additional Resources section below for even more information on using Tags to their full potential!

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🚦 Before Getting Started

Complete the following steps before creating Tags:

  1. Add Contacts
  2. Create a List

Manage Tags

Create a Tag

  1. Click the Audience icon
  2. Click Tags
  3. Click +Tag
  4. Enter a name for the Tag
  5. Click Confirm

Rename a Tag

  1. Click the view icon next to the Tag to be renamed
  2. Click the Edit icon 
  3. Enter your new Tag name 
  4. Click the green Save icon

Delete a Tag

  1. Click the view icon next to the Tag you want to delete 
  2. Click Delete Tag 
  3. Click Delete

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Tag Contacts Manually

  • Tag Contacts While Importing
  • Tag Manually Added Contacts

Tag Contacts While Importing

During the Contact import process, you can easily apply an existing Tag to all contacts within your import file using the Tags field in the import window!

🚨 Applying Tag(s) while importing will Tag every Contact in the import file

To apply Tags only to certain imported Contacts, split each group of Contacts into its own file and import the files separately.

Tag Lists

Adding a Tag to a List allows you to add a specified Tag to all Contacts currently on the List. Contacts later added to the same List will not automatically have the Tag applied.

  1. Select the List you'd like to Tag
  2. Click Tag
  3. Select a Tag from the dropdown
  4. Click Add

Tag Manually Added Contacts

Use the Tag field on the Add Contact sidebar to apply a Tag to a manually created Contact:

  1. Click the view icon next to the Contact
  2. Click +Tag(s)
  3. Click into the Add tag field and enter a few characters of the Tag's name
  4. Select one or multiple Tag(s)
  5. Click Add Tag

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Tag Contacts in Automations

Using the Add Tag function within an Automation allows you to add tags based on Contact behavior such as opening an email or clicking a link, while the Contact moves through your Automation.

🚨 Any Automation action created after a Contact has already started the Automation sequence will not affect that Contact

For example, if a Contact subscribed to your List yesterday and you create an "Add Tag" function in your welcome Automation today (even if the contact has not reached this point in automation yet), the Tag will not be added to that Contact.

To add a Tag action to your Automation:

  1. Open the Automation and click the black + button to add an Update Contact Property step
  2. Select Update Property Contact from the Actions menu in the left-hand sidebar
  3. Select Add Tag
  4. Select an existing Tag from the Select Tag dropdown or click the pink Create New Tag button to create a new Tag for the Automation.

Add a Tag to New Contacts

Use an Add Tag action right after a Subscribes to a list trigger to tag a contact as soon as they are added to a List:

Add a Tag After a Conditional Split

Use this to Tag a Contact that has either satisfied or did not satisfy conditions within the Automation.

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Tag Content in Emails or SMS

Applying a Tag to a link in your Campaign or Automation messages allows you to add tags to Contacts who click on certain links in your content. Adding a Tag to your call to action link allows you to follow up with Contacts who responded to your call to action!

  1. Click the link icon
  2. Add a URL to the link field
  3. Click the Add... dropdown to select an existing Tag or create a new one

Tag an Image or Button

Tagging a linked image or button provides the same ability to apply Tags to Contacts based on their clicks as tagging hyperlinks.

  1. Add a URL to the link field
  2. Click the Tag dropdown
  3. Select an existing Tag or create a new one

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Manage a Contact's Tags

Delete a Tag From a Contact

To manually delete a Tag from a Contact, click the x button next to the Tag on the Contact's profile

Identify Contacts in a Tag

  1. Click the Tags tab
  2. Click the Tag you want to search within
  3. Click into the search bar and search for a Contact

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How do I add a Tag to a Segment?

It is not possible to apply a Tag to a Segment. Since Segments are dynamic, Contacts move in and out of them and there isn't a straightforward way to later remove a Tag that is based on the behavior or status qualified the Contact to be included in the Segment.

If you'd like to create a List from a Segment, you can then add a Tag to the newly created List!

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