How to Customize Landing Pages for Subscription Preferences


Landing pages that Contacts see when they click links in your emails to confirm double opt-in, update preferences, or unsubscribe can be styled to match your brand. Read on to learn how to customize each landing page.

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Identify Email Preference Pages

The table below describes the action Contacts take to reach each of the four available landing pages:

Contact Action Page Contact Sees
Clicks the unsubscribe link in the footer of an email Unsubscribe/Profile Main
Confirms their unsubscription on the Unsubscribe/Profile Main page Unsubscribe/Profile Confirmation
Clicks the link they receive in a double opt-in confirmation email Double Opt-In Main
Clicks the confirm subscription link on the double opt-in Main page Double Opt-InConfirmation 

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Customize Email Preference Pages

  1. Click Account 
  2. Click Email 
  3. Click Customize pages

Global Design Tab

The first tab on the Subscription Preferences page updates style settings for all pages at once. On the Global Design tab, you can update the following elements for all pages:

  • Logo Click the Logo checkbox and upload a .JPEG, .GIF, or .PNG file (recommended size is 256 x 256 pixels)
  • Page Styles Set page background color, content background color, and text color
  • Input Fields Set border color, width, and radius for all input fields
  • Buttons Set button background color, text color, and border radius

Page Content Tab

The second tab on the Subscription Preferences page updates the main title and instruction text for each of the Subscription Preferences pages:

  • Unsubscribe/Profile Main For Contacts who are already subscribed to update contact information, consent to receive email or SMS, and report abuse
  • Unsubscribe/Profile Confirmation What Contacts see when they perform one of the above actions
  • Double Opt-In Main The confirmation email Contacts receive and click to be subscribed to your content if you have Double Opt-In turned on
  • Double Opt-In Confirmation What Contacts see when they opt in to your content

🚨 Changes to email preference pages are not automatically saved

Make sure to click Save Changes in the upper right corner to save your updates!

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I see "invalid action" or another error when testing my unsubscribe and preferences pages!

Usually these errors are caused by being logged into Sendlane. Try logging out of Sendlane and testing your links again, if the problem persists please reach out to your Customer Success Manger or our 24/7 product support specialists!

How can I set up preference options for Contacts to select specific Lists to subscribe to?

Sendlane does not currently provide a way for Contacts to update their preferences other than unsubscribing from all emails or SMS messages.

How can I rearrange the blocks on the Unsubscribe/Profile page?

It is not possible to rearrange the blocks for updating subscription options, communication preferences, and reporting email abuse.

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