Why Is My Audience Under List Review?

Anytime you see the List Review status within your Sendlane account, it means that our Compliance team is verifying the engagement of your newly imported list.

Basically, we're confirming that these contacts are actively engaged with your content.

This helps protect your sender reputation, and eliminates the possibility that you may inadvertently mail someone who is not interested in receiving your messages (which is a major source of spam complaints)

Please Note

Sendlane has always been a permission-based platform. But our ultimate goal is to help ensure that you get the best results possible from your email marketing and marketing automation. That's exactly why we require that all audiences are reviewed before they're ready for regular sending.

What to Expect During List Review

Once Compliance approves an imported list, you can send one email to that new set of contacts by itself (i.e. that list would be the only audience included on your message).

The first email you send will be released slowly to a small segment of your new audience, to "test" their engagement.

Inside of your Sendlane account, you'll see a small flag icon next to any campaigns that are currently in List Review:

As long as this audience meets the necessary engagement standards, your send will complete, and that specific audience will be fully ready to receive messages from you going forward!

Please Note

Your account will be on Manual Approval for your next 3-5 sends, depending on your overall campaign performance. Only then will the List Review status be removed.

If the audience does not meet our engagement/open rate requirements, the campaign will not send to the rest of the list. 


There are a few different scenarios you may run into during List Review. Here's a breakdown of what to look for, as well as what to do!

Messages cannot be scheduled or sent

Any pending emails (in Draft, Sending, or Stopped statuses) cannot include an audience that is under List Review. 

If you're having trouble sending messages within your account, please be sure your new audience is not included as a recipient on those emails. 

Messages appear to be "stuck" 

The List Review process may take 24 hours or more to complete (depending on the size of your audience and their level of engagement with your first email).

If you see the  List Review status on a campaign, everything within your account is working as it should be - it may take just a bit longer than normal for that message to be sent!

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During List Review, sending is limited because our Compliance team is verifying the engagement of your newly imported list. Once the review is complete, your audience will be fully ready to receive messages from you and the List Review flag will be removed!

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