Email Builder

Sendlane's drag-and-drop email builder is an easy and efficient way to build your ideal email! 

You can quickly format emails with different sections and layouts, and then customize your content with a variety of tools.

Here you'll learn exactly how to create an email from scratch, including how to:

Add Sections and Content

There are two main tools in this builder: Sections and Content. Sections are the foundation, or skeleton, of your email. The Content options are things like text boxes, images, buttons, dividers, and even pre-built social media icons. You will drag your content type into a created section.

  1. To begin designing your email, choose a layout from the Sections menu and drag it into the center of the page

  2. Next, choose the Content type you'd like to use, and drag it into the section you just added

     You can choose from 8 different types of content with Sendlane:

  3. Text  This is the copy of your email. Text will be used in all of the areas that you will need to type out your message
    Title  Large, eye catching text
    Image  Using this allows you to drag and drop any image you would like into the body of your email 
    Button  A great way to link to a store or your website
    Divider  A way to clear up chunks of text to make emails easier to read. This will include a line that you can adjust to clearly separate your content
    Spacer  Similar to a divider, this adds white space to your email without a line of separation
    Social  Social media icons that you can link to so its easy for contacts to navigate to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc
    HTML  If you are well versed in HTML, this is a block which allows you to code out your own email. Please Note: The HTML builder may alter the code that you have written out. 
  4. Customize your content block accordingly with text, images or whatever type

Save and Reuse Custom Content Blocks

Custom content blocks allow you to create and save a section within your email to use again later. This is a great way to save things like an email signature or your company logo. 

To save your custom content block:

  1. Click the Save Icon within the toolbar

  2. Enter a name for your signature and click Save

To use a saved content block:

  1. Click the Saved tab in the toolbar on the left 
  2. Drag the content block you'd like to use into your email:

Use Personalization Tags

After adding text, or a headline to your template, you can then add a personalization tag to the text. Select from the toolbar to add the tag of your choice. You can read more about personalization tags here

Personalization tags are a great way to customize your emails. Using the first name tag, for example, is a great way to begin an email. 

Customize Text

After adding text, or a headline to your template, you can then customize it how you would like. Just highlight the text then utilize the toolbar to customize!

Icon Meanings (From Left to Right):

  • Font
  • Font Size
  • Line spacing
  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Link
  • Alignment
  • Numbering/Bullets
  • Personalization Tags
  • Section Settings (Move, Duplicate, Delete)

Change the Background Color

To change the background color of an email select the Gear icon in the left-hand side panel. Then use the “Background Color:” field to alter the color of the email.

To change the background of a certain section, click into the section, then use the 'Section Background Color' field in the left-hand sidebar to alter the color of the section.

Add Images

  1. Start by dragging a section from the Sections tab on to the email layout. 

  2. Add the content to the section by dragging Image from the Content tab into the section that you placed.

  3. After adding the content, double-click the content section to add the image from your files, or drag an image into the section from your files.
    Please Note

    The image file size must be under 1MB.

  4. If you place an image and want to change it, you can select the image in the editor, then select Replace to replace the image.

Share Hosted Files

There are many places on the internet that will allow you to upload a file and they will host it for you.

To learn more about sharing files within your emails, click here.

To mask a link in an email means to hide it by hyperlinking the text as a link.

  1. First, highlight the text you want to create a link from. Once you have the selected text highlighted, a mini text editor will pop up. Click on the Link icon.

2. Next, a text field will appear where you can paste the link you want to mask. Type or paste it in and click Submit. The text you highlighted will turn blue, indicating the hyperlink was added correctly:

If you wish to undo a mask select the text that is linked, then click the link button again. You can then edit or delete the link you have entered.

HTML Builder

If you are familiar with HTML design, or have a template you'd like to use, you can utilize our HTML Builder!

  1. From the Email Design -Template Picker section, click HTML Builder
  2. Enter your code in the left hand side of the split view, and a preview will be shown on the right
  3. Once you're done designing, click Save and continue to finish and move on to the next step or click the "..." for more options
Please Note

The HTML builder may alter the code that you have written out. The builder is designed to ensure your emails will display and deliver properly, so it may disable certain parts of the code. 

We are only able to provide limited support for the HTML Editor. You should only use this option if you are familiar with HTML, or have a developer writing your HTML code. 

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