How to Create and Manage Sender Profiles


Sender Profiles contain the business, sender name, from email address, reply-to email address, and physical address. This information is displayed in every email you send with Sendlane.

Create multiple Sender Profiles to best align with your email marketing and segmentation strategy!

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🚦 Before Getting Started

  1. Register a custom domain for your business
  2. Create a custom domain email address using your business' domain

🚨 Free email accounts cannot be used in Sender Profiles

Sendlane is compliant with all current data processing and privacy regulations which require all marketing emails to be sent from a custom domain email address.

Create an Authenticated Sender Profile

To create an authenticated Sender Profile:

  1. Click the Audience icon
  2. Click Sender Profile
  3. Click + Sender Profile
  4. Fill out each field, making sure to use a custom domain email address in the From Email and Reply to fields, and your business’ address in the Address section
    1. Sender Name – The name that will show as the Sender when Contacts receive your content. Use a name that your audience will recognize to build brand recognition and trust!
    2. Company name – The company name that will appear in your email footer
    3. Domain - Select the Verified radio button
    4. From Email
      1. Enter an email address prefix (hello in
      2. From the dropdown, select a verified sending domain
    5. Reply To Email – The email address that appears when Contacts reply to your email. Use an email address with a custom domain that matches your brand.
    6. Address – The CAN-SPAM Act requires a valid physical postal address or P.O. Box to be displayed in all marketing emails.
  5. Click Save

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Manage Sender Profiles

Edit a Sender Profile

  1. Click the Audience icon
  2. Click the Sender Profile tab
  3. Click the gray arrow next to the Sender Profile you want to edit
  4. Click the Edit icon
  5. Make changes to your Sender Profile
  6. Click Save

Change a List's Sender Profile

  1. Click the Audience icon
  2. Click the Lists tab
  3. Click the gray arrow next to the List you want to change the Sender Profile for
  4. In the Sender Profile section, click Edit
  5. Select a new Sender Profile from the dropdown
  6. Click Save

Delete a Sender Profile

  1. Click the Audience icon
  2. Click the Sender Profile tab
  3. Click the gray arrow next to the Sender Profile you want to delete
  4. Click Delete
  5. Click Delete Sender Profile

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Create a Sender Profile for a New List

When you create a new List, you'll have the option to select an existing Sender Profile to associate with the List or to create a new Sender Profile that will be associated with the List.

To create a Sender Profile for a new List:

  1. Click the Audience icon
  2. Click the Lists tab
  3. Click + List
  4. Click Manage Sender Profile
  5. Fill out the fields in the New Sender Profile window (see step 5 in Create an Authenticated Sender Profile above for information on each field)
  6. Click Add Sender
  7. Click the Account icon
  8. Click Sending Domains
  9. Click the link icon next to your authenticated domain
  10. Under Sender Type, select Existing
  11. Select the Sender Profile you just created to associate the Sender Profile with your authenticated sending domain
  12. Click Confirm

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My 'From Email' is not being accepted!

Ensure you are using a valid custom domain email address and that there are no typos or spaces in the email address field.

My email was sent using the wrong Sender Profile!

Review the Campaign or Automation email's assigned Sender Profile. If the correct Sender Profile is selected, please reach out to our Support Team.

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