How to merge Lists


Two or more Lists can be merged to create a new List. Read on to learn how to merge a List!

Merging two or more Lists combines all Contacts on each List into a new List.

To merge a List:

  1. Select each List to be merged
  2. Click Merge.
  3. Select an option for merging the Lists to an existing List or a new List
    1. If selecting An existing list, select an existing List to merge the selected Lists into
    2. If selecting A new list, enter a name and select a Sender Profile for the new List
  4. Select an option for what you'd like Sendlane to do with the merged Lists after the merge is complete
    1. If selecting Keep merged lists, Lists that were selected and merged will remain in your account as they existed before the merge occurred
    2. If selecting Delete merged lists, Lists that were selected and merged will be permanently deleted (Contacts will not be deleted)
  5. Click Merge

🚨 Lists cannot be unmerged

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