How to Integrate Shopify and Sendlane


Shopify is a complete eCommerce platform that enables you to start, grow, and manage an eCommerce business. By integrating your Shopify store with Sendlane, you can gain insights from your customers' behavior and purchase history and use those insights to develop targeted email Campaigns and Automation funnels, create highly targeted audiences with Segments, and more!

Read on to learn how to connect your Shopify store and Sendlane account!

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What You Can Do with Shopify and Sendlane

Sendlane's Shopify integration unlocks the following ways to use data from your Shopify store's orders and checkouts, customer profiles, and products:

Shopify Integration Installation

🚨 If you are an agency user installing Shopify, you must create a user in the target account to complete the integration process with

Agency users often run into infinite loops when trying to install Shopify. To avoid this, create a user in the account you want to integrate with Shopify (use plus addressing to use your own email address for this new account), then follow the instructions in this article to complete the Shopify integration, logging into the new user account when you are redirected from Shopify.

🚨 Sendlane will import Contacts with ANY Shopify activity in the past 12 months; new and existing customer activity will begin syncing automatically

If you have imported Contacts into Shopify in the past 12 months, those contacts will be included even if they have not purchased a product or had any other activity in the past 12 months. Customer activity will update existing Sendlane Contact records and create new Sendlane Contact records for new customers.

🚨 If you are on a free trial, do not integrate with Shopify

Upgrade your free trial to a paid plan before integrating with Shopify to avoid syncing issues.

Watch the video below to see the process of integrating Shopify and Sendlane from start to finish:


 Create Lists in your Sendlane account

The Shopify integration requires the following Lists in your Sendlane account:

  1. Newsletter
  2. Customers
  3. Abandoned Checkout
  4. Reviews
  5. Back in Stock

To create the required Lists:

  1. Login to Sendlane
  2. Click the Audience
  3. Click Lists 
  4. Click + List 
  5. Enter one of the List names specified above
  6. Click Confirm
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 for the four remaining Lists

Log out of Sendlane

To ensure your integration connects correctly, log out of Sendlane before moving on to the next step. If you do not log out of Sendlane, you will likely run into issues requiring you to delete your progress and restart the integration process.


  Install the Sendlane app in Shopify

  1. Log in to Shopify
  2. Click the search bar at the top of the screen
  3. In the search bar, click Apps
  4. Enter Sendlane
  5. Click the Sendlane app
  6. Click Install

 Log in to Sendlane

After clicking Install on the Sendlane app in your Shopify store, you will be redirected to the Sendlane create account page. You should see your Shopify store's name in the URL of the page. Click the Login button at the bottom of the screen, then log in to Sendlane.


 Configure Shopify settings in Sendlane

When you log in to Sendlane, you will be redirected to your Shopify integration's settings.

  1. Select the Lists in the dropdowns for newsletter, customers, reviews, abandoned cart, and back in stock Contacts
    1. If you'd like to automatically remove customers from the abandoned cart list once they've made a purchase, check the optional checkbox
  2. Select an address type to assign to Contacts
    1. Default will bring in the address marked as the Contact's default address in Shopify
  3. Click Finalize Installation

 Finalize and sync integration

Your integration may take a few seconds or minutes to sync. To complete the final sync manually instead of waiting:

  1. In the Actions column, click the resync icon, after which you may see your integration status say Syncing
  2. Refresh the page to see your integration status say Completed
  3. Navigate to the Contacts page to check that customer profiles have synced from Shopify
  4. Create a Segment with a Product filter to check that products have synced from Shopify

Your Shopify integration is now complete!

🙋 How do I connect multiple stores?

To add more than one Shopify store, click Add Store and repeat the steps above! file-s4Nvhnxp8N.png

⏭ Next Steps

Troubleshooting & Additional Shopify Resources

My status is stuck at pending, and I'm getting an error that says, "Are you sure you want to install this integration?"

This error means that your integration's Lists have not been assigned. To fix the error:

  1. Click the Settings icon
  2. Select Lists for any of the five categories without an assigned List
  3. Click Continue


My status is stuck at pending!

If your Shopify integration status is stuck at Pending, ensure that all Lists have been assigned in the Shopify integration's settings.

If all Lists have been assigned, the connection between Sendlane and Shopify may have been interrupted during the integration process. If this happens, you'll need to delete the Shopify integration in Sendlane and the Sendlane app in Shopify. You must delete both in order to be able to complete the integration process again.

Delete the existing Shopify integration that is stuck at Pending by clicking the trash can icon:


Delete the Sendlane app in Shopify:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Apps and sales channels
  3. Hover over Sendlane Marketing Automation
  4. Click Uninstall
  5. Click Uninstall again


I don't see my Shopify customers in my Sendlane account!

If you just completed the integration process, check back later. If you visit the Shopify integration page within your Sendlane account and see that the status still shows Initializing, Pending, or Syncing, some information or actions may not be available.

If you are on a free trial, you are limited in the number of Contacts that can be synced over. Upgrade to a paid account, then click the Resync button in the Actions column of your Shopify integration.

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