Automation Triggers

What is an Automation Trigger?

An Automation Trigger is the first node in an Automation. The information in the Automation Trigger tells the Automation when to start, and which Contacts should be sent through the Automation.

Sendlane provides a variety of standard and integration-specific Contact activity types to use as Automation Triggers, making it simple to send highly targeted content to Contacts who are most likely to engage!

In This Guide

Automation Trigger Setup

Click  + Add Trigger to access the Automation Triggers slideout menu. Select the trigger and conditions that will start your Automation. Click Done to save your selections!

You can add up to two additional triggers, for a total of three triggers per Automation.

🚨 Important Note

Using multiple triggers or multiple options in a single trigger creates OR logic where Contacts need to meet just one condition to be sent through the Automation

Automation Trigger Details

The table below gives a brief description of the action required to start an Automation.

Subscribes to a List  Contacts subscribe to at least one of the specified Lists. Using the "any" option will start the Automation for Contacts when they subscribe to any List in your Sendlane account.
Submits a Form  Contacts submit at least one of the specified Pop-Up forms
Tag Added / Tag Removed  A specified Tag is added or removed from a Contact's profile
Event Triggered Contacts visit a page on your website that has Beacon/Event Tracking enabled
Custom Field Added A specified Custom Field is populated in a Contact's profile via a Pop-Up form or integration
Email Campaign Opened Contacts open a specified Campaign email
Email Campaign Clicked Contacts clicks any link in a specified Campaign email
Another Automation Contacts reach the end of a specified Automation
SMS Campaign Clicked Contacts click a tracking link in an SMS message
SMS Consent Received Contacts provide consent to receive SMS messages
SMS Reply Contacts reply to an SMS Campaign message

A note about iOS 15 and Apple's Mail Privacy Protection's impact on email open data

While there is no reason to panic about the upcoming changes in iOS 15, and no solid evidence that the sky is falling just yet, we do suggest that you take this change as an opportunity to diversify your segmentation! If any of your Automations use the Email Campaign Opened trigger, consider adding additional triggers to catch any Contacts using Apple Mail with iOS 15 who may have Mail Privacy Protection turned on.

Check out the Sendlane Marketing Automation Journal's What to Actually Do as an Email Marketer for iOS 15 guide and our iOS 15 Update + Sendlane webinar for more information and ideas.

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