How to Retarget Shopify Abandoned Cart Customers

Sendlane's deep data integration with Shopify allows you to use automations to send targeted emails directly to those contacts who have abandoned their shopping cart.

With this automation, you can send emails to your prospective customers including the product they were interested in along with a link to quickly and seamlessly complete their purchase. 

Before Getting Started

Prior to creating an abandoned cart automation, you'll need to have your Shopify integration completed.

Creating an Abandoned Cart Automation

  1. Click Automations on the left hand side of your dashboard and choose New Automation
  2. Choose the eCommerce tab within the template options and select Recover abandoned carts
  3. You will notice that the trigger at the beginning of the automation is Customer Abandoned Checkout. Click on the trigger box to configure these details:    
    • Select a Shop: Choose your Shopify store from the drop down menu
    • Limit Per Subscriber: How often you'd like for this automation to be triggered for a subscriber
    • Consider Abandoned After: How long after the customer has abandoned the shopping cart that you'd like the automation to start (i.e., 1 hour, 3 hours)
  4. Click on the first email within the automation to edit/create the content that you'd like to send to your customer. Click Edit on the window that opens to the right
  5. Choose a title and subject line for your email, select the appropriate sender profile and click Next in the upper right hand corner
  6. Within this Design section of the email creator, click the Content tab toward the upper left hand side. At the bottom of these content options, you will see an Integrations section with an Abandoned Cart icon. Click that icon to add this option to your email.

  7. You will notice an area that shows Product Name and Price with a placeholder for an image. The information from the product your customer added to their shopping cart will be automatically populated into the email when sent.
    Please Note

    You can display up to 4 different products in your abandoned cart email at a time!

  8. Once you have completed the content for this email, click Save and Continue
  9. Click Schedule
  10. To schedule additional follow up emails, click on the next email in the automation series and follow the steps above


Automations → New Automation → eCommerce → Recover Abandoned Carts → Configure settings → Create email → Add Abandoned Cart content → Save → Schedule → Activate


Cart was abandoned but the automation didn't trigger

If you have noticed that a cart has been abandoned but the automation was not triggered, it is likely that the customer has not clicked through to provide their contact information or did not agree to receive promotional emails. 

Keep in mind, in order to send emails to a contact we need to obtain the contacts information. Also, being a permission-based platform the contact must have opted-in/agreed to receive promotional emails during the check out process. 

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