How to Retarget Shopify Abandoned Checkout Customers

Recover potentially lost sales with Sendlane's abandoned checkout Automation trigger for Shopify! Follow the instructions below to set up an abandoned checkout Automation for your Shopify store.

🚦 Before Getting Started

Check out our guide to integrating Shopify and Sendlane to set up your Shopify integration!


 Create a New Automation

Create a new Automation by clicking  Automations > New Automation > Start From Scratch > Enter an Automation Name > OK!


 Add a Shopify Abandoned Checkout Trigger

Your Automation will trigger once a customer satisfies the specified conditions in the Shopify abandoned checkout trigger. Add the trigger by clicking Add Trigger > Shopify > Customer Abandoned Checkout.

Trigger Options

  • Store Select your Shopify store
  • Limit Per Contact Select an optional limit on the volume of abandoned checkout content Contacts receive
  • Consider Abandoned After Select an amount of time to wait after a customer starts checkout (selecting multiple means the Automation will check for abandoned checkouts at each interval selected)

 Add an Email Node

Add an email communication node by clicking the  + button > Send Message > Email > Create New Email, then check out our introduction to Automation email nodes for more information on creating your email!

Want to learn even more about what makes a great, engaging abandoned checkout Automation? Check out eCommerce Academy for expert guidance on strategy and content!

🚨 The following blocks must be included

  1. Abandoned Cart to display the product abandoned in the Contact's cart, only one abandoned cart block is allowed per email.
  2. Button which will automatically fill in to link the Contact back to their cart


 Add a Wait Node

We recommend adding a wait node set to 24 hours after all email nodes to prevent your Contacts from receiving emails too frequently.

Add a wait node to your Automation by clicking the  + button > Wait > Select a Duration and optional time of day or day of week > Done.

Your Shopify abandoned checkout Automation is now ready to go! Make sure to activate your Automation to start it.


Why is my Automation not triggering for a Contact who abandoned their checkout?

Contacts must agree to marketing content and have clicked on a link in an email from your business in the past in order to provide your store with their cookie information.

Why are Contacts showing as unsubscribed immediately after completing a purchase?

If your Shopify checkout page pre-selects the marketing email opt-in checkbox, Contacts who uncheck the marketing email opt-in box during checkout will be unsubscribed from the List attached to your Shopify integration as soon as checkout is complete.

The abandoned cart block isn't available!

The abandoned cart block may not appear in your elements sidebar for two common reasons:

  1. Your eCommerce integration is not set up correctly. Review your eCommerce store's integration with Sendlane for possible connection issues.
  2. You already added an abandoned cart block to your email. Only one abandoned cart block is allowed per email.

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