How to Welcome New Contacts to Your List

Sending a welcome series to new members of your audience is one of the best ways to acclimate contacts to your brand, encourage engagement, and even help you to convert leads into customers by nurturing them along a journey from awareness to conversion.

In this article, we'll share exactly how to set up an automated welcome funnel for new contacts, setting the foundation for a great experience for each and every person who joins your list!

Before Getting Started

Prior to creating a welcome series automation, you'll need to have at least one list created in your Sendlane account for new contacts to be added. 

We recommend having a list for new contacts  and a newsletter list so you can keep track of who has already gone through your welcome funnel!

Creating a Welcome Series

  1. Navigate to Automations → New Automation
  2. On the Create New Automation screen select Welcome New Contacts (this pre-designed funnel template has the first few steps already built out to save you time!)
  3. Click on the Subscribes to list trigger and make sure the correct list is selected for your new contacts, then click Done
  4. Select the first Email action, use the Send Email toolbar and follow the prompts to build your first message. Let your brand voice shine through when you greet new contacts, and use this opportunity to mark the start of a new relationship with helpful tips about what they should expect as a member of your audience. Don't forget to hit Active/Activate in the sidebar menu once you're finished!

    Please Note

    The first email should be sent immediately after a new contact subscribes to your list or makes a purchase.

  5. Next, click on the Wait action and customize your wait time. As a best practice, you should always include a 1 or 2 day wait period between emails to ensure you're not overloading your contacts with constant messages! Sending multiple emails per day can also increase your likelihood of receiving a spam report from a contact.

  6. Select the second Email action and build out your second message. This is a great opportunity to share more information about your brand/company!
  7. Click the + and from the Timing section select another Wait action, and customize the wait time accordingly

  8. Click the + to add your third Email action and build our your message. For this message, you may want to start sharing some problem/solution scenarios based on the products or services you offer.
  9. Repeat steps 7-8 as needed to add more emails, wait times and any other actions you'd like. For subsequent messages, you might want to consider sales pitches, coupons, social media follow requests or sharing other valuable content to continue building audience engagement - anything that aligns with your individual marketing strategy!

Next Steps

Once you're done adding other actions, we recommend unsubscribing new contacts from your New Contacts list, and moving them over to your Newsletter list

Please Note

If you have a different sales flow or marketing strategy, please feel free to skip this entirely, or use a goal or conditional split within your automation instead.

  1. Click the + and under Actions, click Update Contact Property and select Subscribe to list
  2. Select your Newsletter list and click Done
  3. Repeat step 1, only this time choose Unsubscribe from List instead
  4. Select your All Contacts list and click Done
  5. Be sure to set the funnel from Inactive to Active

And that's it! All new contacts will now receive your full welcome series, and be moved from your All Contacts list to your Newsletter list so you can keep them updated with ongoing content!

Additional Resources

For helpful content on crafting powerful welcome series emails, please check out these training articles from the Sendlane Email Automation Journal:


New Automation → Trigger: Subscribes to List → Create welcome email → Add wait times → Repeat as needed → Update Contact Property: Unsubscribe to List → Activate Automation

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