How to Generate Unique Coupons for Shopify

Instead of static coupon codes that are open to abuse, generate unique coupon codes for your Contacts to use in your Shopify store!


 Create a Discount in Shopify

Log in to your Shopify account and create a discount. We recommend setting a name for your discount that describes its purpose. For example, if you create a discount for your welcome series Automation, name your discount "WELCOME."


 Generate Coupon Codes

If you do not already have a preferred Shopify coupon code generating method, we recommend using Bulk Discount Code Bot, which is a free third-party app available in the Shopify app store. If you would like to be able to create a higher volume of coupon codes quickly and don't mind paying for a coupon generating tool, we also recommend Seguno.

Install Bulk Discount Code Bot to generate a pool of unique coupon codes for your Shopify discount. We recommend using the name you set for your discount in Shopify as the first part of the coupon code pattern.

There is a limit of 500 unique codes generated at once. To generate more codes for your pool, click Save and Generate again.

Create Pool > Code Pool Information > Save and Generate


 Export Coupon Codes

After AVADA finishes generating your coupon codes, return to the Shopify discount you created in step 1. You may need to refresh the page to see your new unique coupon codes. You will receive a .csv file via email containing your unique coupon codes that is ready to be uploaded into your Sendlane account!

View all codes > All discount codes > Export

⏭ Next Steps

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