How to Add a Unique Coupon to an Email

🚦 Before Getting Started

Upload a coupon collection to your Sendlane account!

Coupon codes can be displayed in any heading or body block!

To insert a snippet that will display a unique coupon code to each Contact, place your cursor where you want your coupon code to appear. Click the three-dot menu > Coupon icon > Select the coupon collection > Select the coupon > Click Preview to see how the coupon code will appear to your Contacts!

Previewing a coupon code will not use up a code, but sending a test email will. Adding more codes to an existing coupon collection is easy!


Why did my Campaign stop sending?

If your coupon collection does not have enough coupon codes left to send to each Contact in the Campaign's audience, the Campaign will not go out to any Contacts. Replenish your coupon collection and send the Campaign again.

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