Getting Started with Sendlane Reviews


Welcome to Sendlane Reviews! With Sendlane Reviews you can collect, monitor, and leverage review behavior data to increase revenue, all within the Sendlane platform and included free with your email subscription! Sendlane Reviews also provides review previews on organic Google searches of your products!

Read on to get started with Sendlane Reviews, and use the checklists in this guide to track your progress!

In This Guide

  1. Import Existing Reviews
  2. Install and Customize Main Reviews Widget and Star Rating Widget
  3. Set Up Reviews Automations

🚦 Before Getting Started

  1. Integrate your Sendlane account with Shopify or BigCommerce
  2. Turn off your previous Reviews providers' review request system
  3. Have admin access to your Shopify or BigCommerce store
  4. Create a List named Reviews
  5. Associate the Reviews List with your eCommerce integration by clicking the Settings icon next to your store and selecting the List from the Reviews dropdown
  6. On your Shopify or BigCommerce integration page, click the Settings icon and select your new Reviews List under the Reviews dropdown

🚨 Sendlane Reviews does not include loyalty functionality

If your existing reviews platform includes loyalty points or other rewards functionality, you will need to maintain access to it.


 Import Existing Reviews

If you’ve already collected reviews with another platform you can import them to Sendlane and hit the ground running!

Follow the instructions provided in our platform specific review import guides:

📍 Import Checkpoint

At this point, you should have:

  1. Exported reviews from a previous reviews provider
  2. Formatted the .CSV file of reviews according to Sendlane Review file acceptance standards
  3. Uploaded the .CSV file of reviews to your Sendlane account

 Install and Customize Reviews Widgets and SEO Page

Sendlane Reviews requires three snippets to be added to your Shopify or BigCommerce store. A script connects your store to your Sendlane account, and two widgets display product reviews and average star ratings.

1. Check out our detailed step by step guides to installing Reviews:

2. Check out our guide to customizing your reviews widget for a thorough look at all settings and style options.

3. Install and style an SEO page of all reviews

📍 Installation Checkpoint

At this point, you should have:

  1. Installed the Reviews Script in your eCommerce store
  2. Installed the Reviews Main Widget in your eCommerce store
  3. Installed the Reviews Star Rating Widget in your eCommerce store
  4. Customized your Reviews widget's styling
  5. Installed an SEO page of reviews
  6. Customized the SEO page's styling

 Set Up Reviews Automations

Sendlane’s Reviews platform is powered by our in house Automations which let you automatically request reviews from purchasers, respond to reviews with an email or SMS message, and notify reviewers that you've commented on their review.

Use the guides linked in the table below to set up Automations for Sendlane Reviews!

Automation Required?
Review Request Automation
Review Response
Highly recommended but not required for Reviews to function
Review Reply Notification
Highly recommended but not required for Reviews to function

📍 Automation Checkpoint

At this point, you should have:

  1. Created an Automation to request reviews from customers
  2. Created an Automation to send an email or SMS response to review submitters
  3. Created an Automation to notify review submitters that you've replied to their review in your store
  4. Activated each of the Automations

⏭️ Next Steps

Moderate Reviews

With Sendlane Reviews your customers can “like” reviews and you can reply to reviews to increase engagement!

Head to the Moderation tab of the Reviews page to adjust review settings, comment settings, and moderation settings. Reviews can be rejected for a wide range of reasons allowing you to keep bad actors out of your store’s average review score.

Check out our guide to review moderation for more details!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Sendlane Reviews cost?

Sendlane Reviews is completely free and included with your email subscription! The only costs you'll incur when using Sendlane Reviews are the email credits used by reviews-related Automations

Which eCommerce platforms can integrate with Sendlane Reviews?

Sendlane Reviews supports Shopify, BigCommerce, and custom stores.

Can you use SMS with Sendlane Reviews?

SMS is not currently supported for requesting or responding to Sendlane Reviews, but this functionality is on our road map!

What can customers submit with their reviews?

Customers must submit text of their review and have the option to upload photos. Videos are not currently supported.

Does Sendlane Reviews include question and answer functionality or custom questions about specific products?

Sendlane Reviews does not currently support questions and answers where customers ask questions that the merchant or other customers can answer, or custom questions about specific products.

Can the Reviews widget's language be changed?

At this time the Reviews widget is only available in English

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