How to Customize Review Widget Styling


Sendlane’s product review widget makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your store’s product review widgets, empty reviews, review request page, and thank you pages to match your store’s branding! Set custom settings and style options for each state of your reviews widget on mobile and desktop:

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In This Guide

Settings Tab

Use the Settings tab of the Product Review page to determine what information is visible on the product review widget.

Reviews Widget Layout

Select List to show a single column of product reviews, or Grid to show multiple columns of reviews.


Content Display Options

Toggle the following pieces of content on or off by checking the checkbox next to each item.

  • Title - Set a description for your reviews widget, like “Customer Reviews” in the above screenshots
  • Star Distribution Graph - Displays the percentage of each star rating for the product (grid layout only)
  • “Write a review” button - Displays a button that leads to a review form (uncheck to prevent unverified reviews)
  • Profile Initials - Displays the initials of the reviewer (list layout only)
  • Search - Allows website visitors to search for specific keywords in reviews
  • Reviewed For - Displays the name of the product variant being reviewed if the product belongs to a product group
  • Featured images - Displays photos attached to reviews
  • Sort Reviews Dropdown - Sorts reviews based on the following criteria
    • Newest
    • High photos
    • Highest Rating
    • Lowest Rating
  • Date - Change date format
  • Reviews per page - Set the number of reviews displayed per page

🚨 Saved changes are live immediately

Use each tab of the preview pane to finalize your choices before clicking Save Changes

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Styles Tab

Use the Styles tab of the reviews widget to adjust colors, fonts, and more to match your store’s branding.

General Style Options

  • Background Color - Set the color of the entire widget’s background
  • Star Color - Set the color of the stars attached to each review, the average product rating, and the star distribution graph
  • Profile Initials Badge Color - Set the color of the reviewer initials icon
  • Verified Buyer Badge Color - Make verified reviews (review was submitted from a link in a review request Automation and is associated with a confirmed purchase) stand out with a pop of color that contrasts with the rest of the widget’s styling

Fonts Style Options

  • Font Family - Set the font family for all text in the reviews widget (custom fonts are not supported)
  • Font Color - Set the font color for all text in the reviews widget
  • Hyperlink Color - Set the text color for hyperlinks

Buttons Style Options

  • Button Color - Set the color of the “Write a review” button
  • Font Color - Set the font color for text in the “Write a review” button
  • Font Weight - Set the font weight for the text of all reviews

Reviews Card Styles Options

The Cary Styles section will only appear when widget layout is set to Grid.

  • Shadow - Select a light, medium, or dark border around each review card. For no shadow, leave Shadow as None.
  • Corner Radius - Select a corder radius for each review card.

🚨 Saved changes are live immediately

Use each tab of the preview pane to finalize your choices before clicking Save Changes

⏭️ Next Steps

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