How to Set Up an SEO Full Page of Reviews


The full page reviews widget collects all reviews for all products onto one page. This page is great for SEO and helps new customers find your products! Read on to learn how to style and install your reviews page.

In This Guide

  1. Style Your Reviews Page
  2. Install Your Reviews Page


 Style Your Reviews Page

Adjust the styling for your full page of reviews and check desktop and mobile previews:

Display Settings

  • Layout - Select List to display reviews in a single column list, or Grid to display reviews in a multi-column staggered grid.
  • Check the Show sort options checkbox to allow page visitors to change the review sort parameter
    • Newest - Sorts reviews from most to least recently created
    • With photos - Shows reviews with photos first
    • Highest rating - Sorts reviews from highest to lowest rating
    • Lowest rating - Sorts reviews from lowest to highest rating

General Style

  • Background Color - Set the color of the page’s background
  • Star Color - Set the color of the stars attached to each review, the average product rating, and the star distribution graph
  • Profile Initials Badge Color - Set the color of the reviewer initials icon
  • Verified Buyer Badge Color - Make verified reviews stand out with a pop of color that contrasts with the rest of the widget’s styling

Fonts Style

  • Font Family - Set the font family for all text on the page (custom fonts are not supported)
  • Font Color - Set the font color for all text in the reviews widget
  • Hyperlink Color - Set the text color for hyperlinks

Buttons Style

  • Button Color - Set the color of the “Write a review” button
  • Font Color - Set the font color for text in the “Write a review” button
  • Font Weight - Set the font weight for the text of all reviews
  • Corner radius - Set the button’s corner style
  • Border checkbox - Check to add a border to the button
  • Border thickness - Adjust the thickness of the border

Card Styles

  • Shadow - Select a light, medium, or dark border around each review card. For no shadow, leave Shadow as None.
  • Corner radius - Set the card’s corner style

🚨 Saved changes are live immediately

Use each tab of the preview pane to finalize your choices before clicking Save Changes


 Install Your Reviews Page

Copy the Installation Code

  1. Log into Sendlane
  2. Click the Reviews icon
  3. Click Full Page
  4. Click Get Widget Code
  5. Click Copy Code

Install a Reviews Page on Shopify

  1. Log in to Shopify
  2. Click Online Store
  3. Click Pages
  4. Click Add Page
  5. Enter a Title for the page
  6. Click the HTML icon (<>)
  7. Paste the script
  8. Click Save

Install a Reviews Page on BigCommerce

  1. Log in to BigCommerce
  2. Click Storefront
  3. Click Web Pages
  4. Click Create a Web Page
  5. Select “Contain content created using WYSIWYG” if not selected by default
  6. Enter a Page Name
  7. Click the HTML icon
  8. Paste code
  9. Click Update
  10. Click Save & Exit

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