How to import reviews from another provider


You can import a generic file of reviews from a platform not specifically supported by the Sendlane Reviews import tool. Read on to learn how to format your file for a successful import!

Import file criteria

Import files must meet the following criteria for successful processing:

  • Your file type is .CSV
  • Your file size is no larger than 10 MB
  • Your file's column headers exactly match the table below.
  • Your file includes all the required column headers, noted in the table below with a green checkmark ✅, exactly as they appear in the table (i.e., product-id instead of product_id will cause an error). You must replace the headers in the file you exported from your previous provider with the corresponding headers below.
Column Header Required Description Example
product_id Unique identifier for the product 195144121145
product_title   Name of the product which will appear under the review to identify which product the review applies to Black T-Shirt
title   Review's title I love this shirt!
content   The main content of the review I like the high quality, sleek design, and cool graphic.
rating Number 1 to 5 5
email Email of the person submitting a review
name   Name of the person submitting a review Sendy L
created_at Date and time review was created Date format (e.g., YYYY-MM-DD)
published Determines whether the review is published or not published. This field accepts the following values to mark a review as published, all other values will result in the review not being published:
  • Published
  • published
  • true
  • TRUE
  • True
  • Active
  • active
reply   Text of response from store owner Thanks for your review!
replied_at   Date and time comment was created Date format (e.g., YYYY-MM-DD)
image_urls   Links to image URLs to display on the review. Use commas to separate multiple image URLs.
verified_purchase   Determines whether a review shows a Verified badge (TRUE) or not (FALSE) TRUE

💡 Use the Sendlane Reviews import template to avoid import hiccups!

Use the Sendlane Reviews import template to format your reviews file.

To use the template:

  1. Save the template to your desktop
  2. Use your preferred spreadsheet editor (Excel, Google Sheets, or Numbers) to open the template
  3. Paste your reviews into the template, making sure to adjust column order and header text to match the table below
  4. Save your file as .CSV
  5. Follow the instructions below to upload your reviews!
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