How to import reviews from Okendo


If you’re migrating to Sendlane Reviews from Okendo, you can bring your hard earned reviews with you! Read on to learn how to import your Okendo reviews to Sendlane.

In This Guide

1. Export reviews from Okendo

Follow these instructions for exporting your product reviews. When your file is ready for download, save it somewhere easily accessible, like your desktop, and make sure it is saved as a .CSV file. Do not edit the file in any way.

2. Import reviews file to Sendlane

To import your review file:

  1. Click the Reviews icon
  2. Click Content 
  3. Click Import & Export
  4. Click Import Reviews
  5. Select Okendo from the Product Review Source dropdown
  6. Drag and drop your .CSV file or click to browse for your file
  7. Check the checkbox confirming that your reviews are genuine
  8. Click Import


My review file wasn't accepted!

Sometimes, Okendo reviews are exported with an extra row at the top of the file that says Okendo in cell A1. If your file wasn't accepted, open the .CVS file you exported from Okendo and check for this extra line. If it's there, delete the entire row , save the file as .CSV, and try uploading again. If you are still unable to get your file accepted, see Troubleshooting Sendlane Reviews for next steps.

My review file contains errors!

If some reviews were not imported due to an error, the Results column will show how many reviews were not imported. Click the download icon in the Actions column to download a file of reviews that were not imported. See Troubleshooting Sendlane Reviews for next steps.

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