How To Integrate BigCommerce and Sendlane

Take advantage of Sendlane's deep-data integration with BigCommerce to use the valuable data collected in your BigCommerce store to target your Sendlane Audience with hyper-relevant email and SMS marketing content!

🚦 Before Getting Started

  1.  Follow BigCommerce's guide to setting up your BigCommerce Store.
  2.  Contact your Customer Success Manager or our 24/7 product support team to request single opt-in status for your Sendlane account.

🚨 Installation must be completed all at once

If you do not complete the entire installation process at the same time, you may have to uninstall and re-install the Sendlane app from the BigCommerce app marketplace

🚨 90 days of customer data will be synced upon installation

When you install BigCommerce, all customers with any activity (subscribed, ordered) within the last 90 days will be synced and added as Contacts in your Sendlane account subscribed to email content.


 Install the Sendlane App in BigCommerce

Once your BigCommerce store is set up, click the Sendlane app in the BigCommerce app marketplace then click Get This App Log in to be redirected to your BigCommerce account.

Click Install > Confirm, then log in to your existing Sendlane account or create a new Sendlane account!

Set up a Sender Profile for your BigCommerce integration, then click Next to complete installation. Click Launch to go to your Sendlane dashboard!


 Configure BigCommerce Integration Settings in Sendlane

To confirm default lists and other settings in your BigCommerce integration, click the Integrations icon > BigCommerce > Configure > Manage

  • Choose your default lists Select List to sync new, newsletter, and abandoned cart BigCommerce Contacts to
    • Optional Checkbox Automatically remove Contacts from your abandoned cart list when they make a purchase
  • Assign contact email addresses from Select a customer address to assign Contacts' email addresses from

Check out our guide to collecting consent to receive SMS marketing content from your customers at checkout!

🙋 How do I connect multiple BigCommerce stores to my Sendlane account?

If you have two BigCommerce stores under one login, your stores are both connected to Sendlane.


I'm getting an error when I try to install the Sendlane app from the BigCommerce Marketplace!
{"error":{"message":"App not found. Already uninstalled, access denied, or incomplete setup. Please uninstall first to try again"}}

This error has two possible causes:

  1. Navigating Away From App During Installation To fix this, uninstall and re-install the Sendlane app from the BigCommerce app marketplace making sure to complete the entire process
  2. Third Party Cookies Are Disabled To fix this, make sure your browser's third party cookies are enabled
I see my Sendlane dashboard in BigCommerce, but I don't see the BigCommerce integration installed in Sendlane!

You may have navigated away from the installation process before it was completed. To fix this, uninstall and re-install the Sendlane app from the BigCommerce app marketplace.

I'm getting a 403 Forbidden error!

Review BigCommerce's API rate limits for your BigCommerce plan. 403 Forbidden errors are generally caused by exceeding your BigCommerce plan's API rate limit.

Contacts are showing as Unsubscribed right after they make an order!!

If your BigCommerce checkout page pre-selects the marketing email opt-in checkbox, Contacts who uncheck the newsletter email opt-in box during checkout will be unsubscribed from the List attached to your BigCommerce integration as soon as checkout is complete.

I don't see order data coming into Sendlane!

Missing order data can usually be solved by re-syncing your BigCommerce integration. Pause your BigCommerce Automations to avoid oversending, then follow the steps in our guide to Re-syncing Integrations.

I don't see Contact profile data coming into Sendlane!

This error has two possible causes:

  1. Your Sendlane account has double opt-in turned on. Reach out to our 24/7 product support team or your Customer Success Manager to request single opt-in.

If you've deleted the List associated with your BigCommerce integration, you need to choose a replacement List. Follow the steps below to replace your integration's associated List and reach out to our 24/7 product support team or your Customer Success Manager if the problem persists!

Integrations page > BigCommerce > Configure > Manage > Select a new List > Save

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