How To Integrate BigCommerce and Sendlane

Before Getting Started

To integrate your BigCommerce store and Sendlane account, you'll need to complete your BigCommerce store setup and create an API Account in BigCommerce.

Set Up BigCommerce Store

Check out BigCommerce's guide to setting up your store!

Create API Account in BigCommerce & Copy Credentials

From your BigCommerce control panel, click Advanced Settings > API Account > Create API Account > Create V2/V3 Token

Copy the Store Hash in your API Path and save it somewhere easily accessible

Enter a Name for your API Account, then set the following OAuth Scope options:

  • Content Modify
  • Checkout Content Modify
  • Customers Read-Only
  • Customers Login None
  • Information & Settings Read-Only
  • Marketing Modify
  • Orders Read-Only
  • Order Transactions Read Only
  • Create Payments None
  • Get Payment Methods None
  • Stored Payment Instruments Read-Only
  • Products Read-Only
  • Themes Read-Only
  • Carts Modify
  • Checkouts Modify
  • Sites & Routes Read-Only
  • Channel Settings Read-Only
  • Channel Listings Read-Only
  • Storefront API Tokens None
  • Storefront API Customer Impersonation Tokens None

Click Save to create your API Account

A .TXT file will download when you click Save. This file contains your Client ID, Access Token, and API Path information you will need when you create your BigCommerce integration in Sendlane.

If a .TXT file does not download, copy your Client ID and Access Token from the BigCommerce API Credentials window and save them somewhere easily accessible before clicking Done. You will not be able to access these credentials again once you click Done.

Set Up BigCommerce Integration in Sendlane

To create a new BigCommerce integration in your Sendlane account, click Integrations > BigCommerce > Configure > Create New BigCommerce Integration

In the New BigCommerce Integration Window, enter the following settings:

  • Store Display Name In your BigCommerce account click Store Setup > Store Profile and copy the Store Display Name field.
  • Store URL In your BigCommerce account click View Store and copy your store's URL (
  • Client ID Paste the Client ID from the API Account you created in BigCommerce
  • Access Token Paste the Access Token from the API Account you created in BigCommerce
  • Store Hash Paste the Store Has from the API Path in your API Account (
  • Choose your default list to sync new customers Select a List to sync new BigCommerce Contacts to
  • Assign contact email address from select a customer address to assign Contacts' email addresses from

Click Continue to complete your BigCommerce integration!

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