How to Collect Consent for SMS Messaging with BigCommerce

Grow your Audience and drive engagement with customers who love your products by gathering their consent to receive SMS messages during checkout in your BigCommerce store! SMS consent can be synced to your Sendlane account for customers who have logged in to your site on the checkout page of your BigCommerce store.

Start collecting SMS consent by creating a checkbox in your BigCommerce account using the instructions below!

Create SMS Consent Checkbox

Log in to your BigCommerce account to get started.

Click Advanced Settings > Account Signup Form > Create a New Field > Checkboxes

Complete the Create a Checkboxes fields:

  • Field Name SMS Messages
  • List of Values Subscribe to marketing texts
  • Required Leave unchecked as SMS consent cannot be required
  • CSS Class Name Leave blank
  • Inline-CSS Style Leave blank

Click Save to save the SMS consent checkbox to your checkout form! You should now see a checkbox like this on your BigCommerce checkout flow:

Confirm SMS Consent in Contact Profiles

Below is an example of what the default structure from the webhook coming into Sendlane will look like if they have checked the SMS Consent box (if they do not check the box, no data is sent):

$customer->customer_data = [
            'form_fields' => [
                    'name' => 'SMS Messages',
                    'value' => [
                        'Subscribe to marketing texts'

A green checkmark next to the SMS icon in a Contact’s profile indicates that they have provided consent to receive SMS messages

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