How to Respond to New Reviews with Automations


Using a Conditional Split and a Review Submitted trigger allows you to create an Automation that targets Contacts based on their reviews’ rating.. Read on to learn how to set up a review response Automation with conditional logic for separate journeys for positive versus negative reviews!

In This Guide

  1. Create an Automation
  2. Add Triggers
  3. Add a Conditional Split
  4. Add an Email Node

🚦 Before Getting Started

  1. Complete Reviews setup

1. Create an Automation

  1. Click the Automation icon
  2. Click New Automation
  3. Click Start from Scratch
  4. Enter a name for the Automation
  5. Click Start

2. Add Triggers

  1. Click +Add Trigger
  2. Click your eCommerce integration’s tab
  3. Select the Review Submitted trigger
  4. Select No Limit in the Contact Limit dropdown
  5. Click Done

3. Add a Conditional Split

  1. Click the + button
  2. Click Conditional Split
  3. Select the Reviews condition > Submitted Review > Rating > Greater than 2*
  4. Click Done

* Using Rating = Greater than 2 will send all reviewers who left ratings of 3-5 stars down the Yes path and reviewers who left ratings of 1-2 stars down the No path.*

4. Add Email Nodes

  1. Click the + button under the Yes path for positive reviews or under the No path for negative reviews
  2. Click Send Message
  3. Click Email

Learn more about Automation email nodes here.

Click Create New Email to start designing your review response emails.

If you used logic of Rating = Greater than 2 in your Conditional split, then email nodes under the Yes node should be designed for positive reviews and emails under the No node should be designed for negative reviews.

Yes Node/Positive Reviews No Node/Negative Reviews
  • Thank you message
  • Referral to other products
  • Request to share review on social media
  • Request to join VIP program
  •  Apology message
  • Troubleshooting
  • Coupon offer for a second try

Use personalization and Twig to dynamically insert the text of the recipient’s review!

  • {{trigger.getReviewDisplayName()}} Displays the name the Contact used when submitting their review (may not match the name in their Contact Profile)
  • {{trigger.getReview.title}} Displays the text the Contact entered in the title field of their review
  • {{trigger.getReview.content}} Displays the entire body of the review
  • {{trigger.getReviewContentPartial}} Displays a snippet of the text of the reply to the review

⏭️ Next Steps

Now that you've completed the required Automation to request reviews from purchasers, set up an Automation to respond to reviewers with an email or SMS, and a final Automation to notify reviewers that you've left a public reply on their review:

  1. Request Reviews with Automations
  2.  Respond to New Reviews with Automations
  3. Notify Customers of Public Review Replies with Automations
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