Building the Perfect Abandoned Cart Email

With Sendlane's deep data Shopify integration, you can send emails to your prospective customers that include the product they were interested in along with a link to quickly and seamlessly complete their purchase!

We'll share how to create a captivating email to remind your Shopify customers of items left in their shopping cart, and encourage them to complete their purchase.

This tutorial walks you through:

Before Getting Started

These emails are intended to be created within a Shopify 'Recover Abandoned Cart' Automation

Before following these steps, please be sure your Shopify integration is complete and you have created an automation with Shopify Customer Abandoned Checkout as the initial trigger. 

Please Note

Some of these features will not work unless the email is being created within an abandoned cart automation.

Building Your Email

This step-by-step guide was designed around building a message from scratch. If you're using the pre-built Shopify Abandoned Cart Checkout automation, some of these items will already be pre-filled for you - please make edits accordingly to customize your message!

  1. Select the first Email action, use the Send Email toolbar and follow the prompts to build your first message.
  2. Give your email a name (this will not be seen by customers), craft a compelling subject line and enter any preheader text you'd like. The subject line and preheader are the first things your contacts will see, so be sure to write something that will grab their attention! 

  3. Next, add any optional settings, select your Sender Profile and then click Create Email to design your message. 

  4. If you'd like, you can use one of our pre-designed templates, but for this example we will choose Start From Scratch in the Design section.
  5. Remind your customer where they were shopping by adding your logo to the top of your email, and then tell them why you're emailing them. Use an exciting headline with a short description that entices them to complete their purchase. 
  6. Our deep data integration with Shopify empowers you to include photos of the items your customer had added to their cart. To include this, under the Content tab, drag the Abandoned Cart icon into your email. 

  7. This dynamic content block will display up to 4 items from your visitor's abandoned cart, including pictures, names & prices! Next, drag the Button icon into your email to add a Complete Your Order button. This will direct your customer right back to their abandoned shopping cart for quick and easy check out!

  8. Once you're done designing your email, click Save and continue to finalize the content of your message.
  9. Please Note

    While our current deep data integration with Shopify allows for abandoned cart items to be displayed, other eCommerce integrations do not yet have this option. However, you can still engage contacts with a follow-up email to encourage a sale.

Next Steps

Sending a short series of targeted follow-up emails is a great way to keep your product top-of-mind and entice more conversations. So, go ahead and continue creating and adding abandoned cart retargeting emails to your automation sequence.

Be sure to add a wait time between the emails so your customers don't receive them all at once!

Email Content Tips

Provide Customization Options

If you offer any type of customization, try highlighting those options in your abandoned cart message! This is a great way to boost conversions, especially since customers may have missed that detail the first time around in your store.

  • Offer a variety of colors
  • Provide a range of product sizes, such as a trial or travel size
  • Highlight a variety of shapes 

Overcome Common Buyer Objections

Think about the most common customer objections you face, the FAQ’s you receive most often, or the top reason for product returns. Address those concerns head-on in your abandoned cart email copy.

  • List 10 real reasons your customer will miss out if they abandon their cart
  • List 5-10 lighthearted/funny reasons why they need your product
  • Compile the lists, add some emojis and VOILA! You have a compelling (and entertaining) list of why the customer should go back and commit to the checkout

Offer a Discount

Discount codes are a simple and effective way to boost sales and bring customers back.

  • Create a custom discount code specifically for abandoned cart customers
  • Use a scratch card to make the discount offer more entertaining

Get Right to the Point

Creating a clean abandoned cart email template allows your customer to focus in on the product that they left behind. This works exceptionally well for physical products - without a busy background or a lot of copy, product photos really stand out!

  • Use crisp and clear typography
  • Stick with a simple color scheme
  • Use icons rather than text
  • Make use of negative space
  • Use one of Sendlane's pre-designed email marketing templates

Use a "Limited-Time-Only" Free Shipping Approach

The limited-time-anything approach is a great way to encourage conversions, especially when it's paired with free shipping! Cart abandoners will feel compelled to make a decision quickly because they don't want to miss out.

  • Offer free shipping with no limitation or minimums
  • Free shipping at a certain $ threshold (i.e., spend $50 or more)
  • Free shipping for members only
  • Free shipping on select items
  • Free shipping for a limited time

Additional Abandoned Cart Resources

For some more great information on creating abandoned cart emails, check out these resources:


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