How to Trigger an Automation After Edits are Made

When you edit the flow of an active Automation, only edits to existing email content will be received by contacts in real-time. Any other edits will not be seen by Contacts who are already moving through the flow.

To manually re-trigger an Automation, you will create a Segment of existing Contacts, send those Contacts a campaign, and add an Email Campaign Opened trigger to your existing Automation.

🚦 Before Getting Started

Deactivate the Automation you'll be manually triggering


 Create a Segment

This Segment will be used to send a Campaign to your existing Create a Segment by clicking on the Audience icon > Segments > +Segment > Enter a name > Confirm

Use the  Subscription date operator set to is before the date your Automation was edited


 Create and Send a Campaign

Create a Campaign by clicking the Campaign icon > New Email Campaign > Enter a name > Select the Segment created in the previous step as the Audience

Design the email with information your Contacts are particularly likely to open, then Schedule your Campaign for the closest available time.


 Add a Trigger to Edited Automation

  1. Open the edited Automation you made edits to
  2. Click Add Trigger
  3. Click Email Campaign Opened
  4. Select the Campaign you just sent
  5. Click Done
  6. Click Active to reactivate your Automation!


My Campaign isn't showing up in the Email Campaign Opened trigger options!

Check that your Campaign has been scheduled. If your Campaign has been saved as a draft, it will not appear in the trigger options.

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