Campaigns are one-time (broadcast style) emails you can use to send newsletters, updates, announcements or any other type of marketing content to your audience

In this article, we'll explore:

Plus, you'll also learn about Campaign Statuses and Statistics!

Before Getting Started

In order to send a campaign, you will need to have a sender profile set up, as well as a list to send to.

Creating Campaigns

  1. Click New Campaign inside of the Campaigns tab
  2. Enter your Campaign Settings:
    • Namethis the title of your campaign which will be used internally; your audience will not see this
    • Advanced Features:
      • Google Analytics - A more advanced UTM tracking tool that requires a Google Analytics account
      • RSS Feed Link your RSS Feed to share the most up-to-date content you've published on your blog or website via email
      • Experiments - Create a message and test multiple versions in a small portion of your audience to see which one performs best. Once the winner is determined, that version will be sent to the rest of your contacts!
  3. Click Next: Content once you're done with your settings
  4. Next, enter the subject line and preheader text of your message, then click Create Email
  5. Choose from Sendlane's pre-designed templates, create your own custom template, or start from scratch to design your campaign and build out your email

  6. Click Next: Audience once you're done designing your content
  7. On the Audience page, choose who you'd like to send this message to, using the drag and drop selector to include or exclude lists/segments or tags

  8. Select who you'd like to send from by choosing (or creating) a Sender Profile from the dropdown
     Please Note

    The sender profile selected here will be used for all contacts who receive this campaign.

  9. Click Next: Schedule once you're done!

Scheduling and Rescheduling Campaigns

After designing your campaign and saving, you will be brought to the Schedule page.

  1. Choose from the following options to schedule or send out your campaign right away
    • Save as Draft – save the campaign as is and come back to it later to schedule or send
    • Send Immediately – send to selected contacts immediately
    • Schedule – select a future date and time to send the email
    • Machine Learning Open Predictabilitysend your message over a 24 hour period, delivering to each contact when they are most likely to see and interact with your message (based on their previous behavior)
  2. Click the SaveSend or Schedule Campaign button to finalize your choice and return to the main campaign area, where you can verify the current status and send settings!

If you would like to reschedule a campaign click "..." and select Cancel Schedule from the dropdown

This will allow you to select Edit and return to the scheduling window again.

Viewing Previously Sent Campaigns

  1. Start by heading to the Campaigns tab
  2. Locate the Campaign you would like to view
  3. Select View Report Sendlane-knowledge-base-how-to-use-email-campaigns-view-report.png

This will take you to the reporting and preview area of this specific campaign, where you'll see data on:

  • Opens - Total number of opens
  • Clicks - Total number of clicks based on opens
  • Bounced - Total number of bounced emails
  • Unsubscribed - Total number of unsubscribed contacts 
  • Spam - Total number of contacts who marked the emails as spam
Please Note

Email delivery times vary for each unique user based on the server that we send to as well as that contacts spam filter.

We usually recommend waiting 24 hours before checking reports for sent campaigns. This also gives for your contacts to open the emails!

Deleting Campaigns

For account reputation management purposes you cannot delete previously sent Campaigns. You can only delete campaigns that are in another status such as Draft, Pending or Scheduled.

To delete a Campaign:

  1. Start by heading to the Campaigns tab
  2. Locate the Campaign you would like to delete
  3. Click "..." and select  Delete from the dropdown

Duplicating Campaigns

  1. Start by heading to the Campaigns tab
  2. Locate the Campaign you would like to make a copy of
  3. Click "..." and select Duplicate from the dropdown

Please Note

Clicking Duplicate will not automatically resend the campaign, you will still need to edit, schedule, and confirm the campaign in order for it to be sent out.

Campaign Statuses

There a few different statuses you'll see for your campaigns:

  • Completed - This indicates that your email campaign has finished sending. We suggest giving the analytics 24 hours before reviewing your email’s engagement.
  • Draft - This indicates that your email has not been sent out yet. The message should be edited, scheduled, and confirmed in order to be sent out.
  • Experimenting - Your message was sent as an experiment!
  • Pending Compliance Review - This campaign is awaiting review. Some accounts need manual approval until a probation period has passed. Most campaigns are approved within 24 hours by the Compliance department. If after 24 hours your Campaign has not been approved, please reach out to our Support Team.
  • Rejected - This campaign has been rejected by our compliance team or stopped mid-send. If you have questions about a campaign in this status please reach out to our Support Team.
  • Sending - This indicates that your email is currently being sent. Your email may remain in this status for a while if you have a larger list, or if you used Machine Learning Open Predictability.  
  • Scheduled - Your email is scheduled to send out at a certain day and time.sendlane-knowledge-base-how-to-create-email-campaigns-campaign-list.png


Campaigns  → New Campaign → Set Campaign Settings (Name, Advanced) → Next: Content → Enter subject and preheader → Create Email → Choose Pre-Designed, Custom, Previous, HTML, or Start from Scratch → Build email → Save and continue → Next: Audience  → Choose to → Specify from → Next: Schedule

Schedule: Schedule → Click Send Immediately or Schedule → Select Send or Schedule Campaign

Duplicate: Campaign → Find campaign → Drop down → Duplicate

Delete: Campaign → Find campaign → Drop down → Delete


Blank Emails

If your contacts report they are receiving blank emails, you are likely using one image as the entire email. The contacts may be seeing this because they have not downloaded or allowed images in their email client settings or they are receiving the plain-text-only format of an email which has no text inside.

Status = Pending Compliance Review

Typically you will see a Pending Compliance Review status for your campaigns when you are still going through a compliance check. Usually, this happens when you import or migrate a list over from a file or another platform. 

The compliance team will manually approve your emails until they’ve reviewed the content. Once you have had a few emails approved, the compliance team will switch you over to auto-approval but will still review from time to time to make sure you pass intermediate compliance checks.

Here are some of the most common reasons why emails do not get approved:

  • Spam like or misleading content
  • Broken, unmasked, or untrusted URLs
  • Poor image to text ratio (i.e. single large image with hardly any text)
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