How to Use Experiments to A/B Test Campaign Emails

Test up to 4 versions of a Campaign email with different subjects, preheaders, and/or content to identify the best performer!

🚨 Don't use Experiments and Machine Learning Open Predictability together

Because MLOP sends a Campaign to each audience member at a different time, enabling MLOP while using Experiments means that there are fewer Contacts available to interact with the Campaign before a winner is chosen.

Turn On Campaign Experiments

To turn on experiments for a Campaign, check the Experiments checkbox on the Settings screen of a new Campaign and set your components, test audience, and winning version settings.

Campaign Experiment Settings


Select which part(s) of your email you would like to create variations for (subject, preheader, and/or content).

Test Audience

Select the percentage of the email's audience that should receive variations of your email.

Winning Version

Select the factor that determines the winning email (click rate, open rate, or revenue) and the number of hours to let the experiment run before sending the winning email to the rest of the audience.

Create Multiple Email Variations

On the Content page, you'll see a column for the first version of your email and options to create a new version from scratch by clicking Create Email or copying the original email by clicking Copy A.

Create or copy up to four versions, then click Next: Schedule to start your send!

Campaign Experiment Reporting

Identify Campaigns that ran experiments by the experiment icon next to the Campaign name

View the results of your Campaign experiment on the right sidebar of your Campaign report to see which variation performed the best based on the specified factor!

Open rate or click rate factors are determined by the highest number of clicks or opens. 

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