What is Machine Learning Open Predictability?

Machine Learning Open Predictability (MLOP) helps you send Campaigns when Contacts are most likely to open and click based on their past behavior.

When MLOP is enabled, Sendlane uses behavior tracking to analyze the activity patterns and habits of every Contact in your Campaign's audience. This data is used to send out Campaigns at the most optimal time for each Contact within the 24 hour window after the Campaign is sent. Contacts with little or no data will receive the Campaign when it is sent.

🚦 Before Getting Started

Because MLOP relies on Contacts' activity to determine when to send the Campaign, we recommend waiting to use MLOP until you have sent multiple Campaigns to give your account enough time to collect activity data.

🚨 Don't use Experiments and MLOP together

Because MLOP sends a Campaign to each audience member at a different time, enabling MLOP while using Experiments means that there are fewer Contacts available to interact with the Campaign before a winner is chosen.

Turn on Machine Learning Open Predictability

MLOP can be enabled for any Campaign!

  1. Open a Campaign
  2. Click the Schedule tab
  3. Check the Machine Learning Open Predictability checkbox
  4. Send or Schedule your Campaign

On your Campaigns page, you'll see Campaigns with MLOP enabled are identified with a clock logo. 

Campaigns with MLOP enabled will show as Sending for the entire 24 hour sending window.


My campaign is stuck in "Sending"!

Campaigns with MLOP enabled will show as Sending for the entire 24 hour sending window.

I enabled MLOP but my Campaign sent to all my Contacts immediately!

Campaigns with MLOP enabled will send immediately to any Contact without sufficient behavior tracking data associated with their Contact Profile.

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