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How to Use the Event Tracking Feature

1. Start by logging into your Sendlane account and navigating to the “Integrations” tab. Next, select “Setup” next to Event Tracking.


2. Select Event Tracking and create your event. You can select if you would like to display conversions or events (such as a new lead or click on a certain page) along with the values and the currency.


3. Select “Save” then, “</> Get Code” and copy this code to your clipboard.



4. Next, you will need to paste this piece of code into the code of the webpage (Conversion or Event page) you would like to track. We recommend placing it in the Footer or Header.

5. Once all steps are complete, Sendlane will do the rest by identifying the email or workflow the event was triggered from and post it back in a nice easy to identify report like this:

Please Note: We suggest using Chrome or Firefox while using Sendlane, using an alternate browser may cause issues while viewing the Integrations tab.