How to Retarget Browse Abandoners with Product Recommendations

Website tracking is one of the very best ways to gather data about the behavior of your audience. By tracking the behavior of site visitors, you can easily trigger an Automation to follow up with every contact via email, and encourage them to convert!

🚦 Before Getting Started

  1. Install Beacon on your store's website
  2. Create Beacon events for each product you'd like to use as a browse retarget

 Create Site Tracking Events for Product Pages

Head to the Beacon tab of your Account page, click Create Event > Enter a Name and Description > Save > Code icon > Copy Code. Paste the script into the header of any page you want to use to trigger your Automation


 Create an Automation

Create an Automation using an Event Triggered trigger and select the event(s) you've created for your product page(s)

Add an email node to your Automation, then in the Content tab of the email builder, click or drag an abandoned cart block where you'd like your product information to appear

Continue building your Automation by adding other actions and communications. Depending on your marketing goals and objectives are, we recommend sending three emails over the next three days to encourage contacts to come back and visit your website!


 Create a Goal

Add a Goal node at the end of your Automation to check whether Contacts made a purchase in your store:

  1. Goal Name Enter a descriptive name for your Goal
  2. Conditions Select conditions to trigger your Goal
  3. Go to this action if goal is reached Select a step in your Automation to send Contacts to when they meet your Goal's conditions
  4. If goal is not met Select an option for Contacts who have not met your Goal
    1. Continue means the Contact will proceed to the next node in the Automation
    2. Wait means the Contact will wait at this step indefinitely until the goal is reached
    3. End means the Goal will keep checking for met conditions until the max time has passed
  5. Max time to check for conditions Select a length of time to check for conditions 

Once you have completed your Automation, be sure to activate it!


My Automation is not sending to customers who have viewed my product!

Customers will only receive browse abandonment emails from your store after:

  1. They have opted into marketing emails from you, AND
  2. They have clicked on a link in a marketing email from you

If your customer has opted in and clicked on at least one link, and there is a Beacon event set up for the product that was viewed, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our 24/7 Product Support team for further troubleshooting assistance.

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