How to Retarget Abandoned Cart Customers

One of the best ways to recover lost leads, and potentially boost your sales, is by sending follow up messages to contacts who have abandoned their cart.

In this article, we'll share exactly how to set up a retargeting automation for prospective customers, enticing them to complete their purchase!

Before Getting Started

Prior to creating an abandoned cart automation, you'll need to have two lists created in your Sendlane account, one for customers/purchasers and one for cart abandoners, so you can easily create a path for each group!

You'll also need to be sure you have an integration or API setup that's capable of capturing email addresses from shoppers who abandon their carts.

Creating an Abandoned Cart Automation

  1. Inside of Sendlane, click Automations on the left hand side of your dashboard and choose New Automation
  2. Choose the Start From Scratch option
  3. Click the first box in the automation to Add a Trigger and choose Subscribes to a List
  4. Select your Abandoned Cart list
  5. Add a Wait action. This should be the amount of time you would like to wait before the contact is considered abandoned. 

  6. Add an Email action and build out your abandoned cart message
  7. Continue to build out your automation to include any additional emails and wait times you'd like
  8. Add a Goal (reached once contact is added to purchasers list - as evidence that they bought), if they complete the goal they will be removed from the abandoned cart automation. 

  9. Add an Unsubscribe action at the end of the automation
  10. Last but not least, don't forget to Activate the automation once you're done building out your funnel

Now, when contacts are added to the abandoned cart list they will automatically start this automation!


Automations → New Automation → Start from scratch → Add a trigger → Subscribes to a list → Add wait time → Add emails → Create Goal → Add unsubscribe from abandoned cart → Activate automation

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