How to Retarget BigCommerce Browse Abandonment with Automations

Sendlane's Beacon is automatically built into the one-click install BigCommerce integration, which means as soon as you install BigCommerce you're ready to set up a browse abandonment Automation!

Browse abandonment, also known as product viewed or product abandoned, allows you to send messages to Contacts who have viewed specified products on your store's website and left without completing a purchase. 

🚦 Before Getting Started

If you installed Sendlane's BigCommerce integration before 6/13/22, you will need to re-sync the integration to install the correct Beacon code. Check out our guide to safely re-syncing integrations!

🙋 How Does the Beacon Pixel Work?

Sendlane’s Beacon tracking pixel collects information about your Contacts' pageview and purchase activity. For the pixel to begin tracking, the viewer must opt into your marketing emails and then open an email from you. The Beacon tracking pixel cannot identify anonymous viewers.

Once tracking begins, please allow up to 24 hours for reporting to populate accurately

Follow the instructions below to set up a browse abandonment Automation and start winning back revenue from products viewed!


 Add an Abandoned Product Viewed Trigger

Create a new Automation, then click Add Trigger > BigCommerce > Abandoned Product Viewed, then configure your trigger options:

  • Store Select the applicable BigCommerce store
  • Limit Per Subscriber Select a limit for the Automation
    • No Limit The Automation will trigger for all Contacts who meet the trigger criteria
    • Do not trigger when already in Automation The Automation will trigger only for Contacts who meet the trigger criteria and are not already being sent through the Automation
    • Once Per Day The Automation will trigger for all Contacts who meet the criteria one time in a 24 hour period, even if Contacts meet the trigger criteria more than once during the 24 hour period.
    • One Time Only The Automation will trigger one time for Contacts who meet the trigger criteria and will not trigger again, even if Contacts meet the trigger criteria again.
  • Consider Abandoned After Select a length of time the Automation should wait to send an email after the Contact has viewed a product.
  • For Products All products are selected by default. To only include specified products, move products from the Available box to the Selected box.


 Add a Conditional Split

Add a Conditional Split by clicking the + button > Conditional Split. Under Conditions, select Event Tracking and Triggered Event. Click Done to save your Conditional Split!


 Add an Email Node with a BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Element

The BigCommerce Abandoned Cart element also pulls abandoned products viewed when used with a browse abandonment Automation trigger. Only one abandoned cart block is allowed per email.

Under the Yes node of your Conditional Split, add an email node by clicking the + button > Send Message > Email

Include a BigCommerce Abandoned Cart element in your email by dragging the element into the email body:

When you're satisfied with your browse abandonment email, activate your Automation by clicking Active in the top right corner of the Automation builder!

⏭ Next Steps

Sendlane's BigCommerce integration automatically installs Sendlane's Beacon to track events on your BigCommerce store! Check out our Beacon guides to get even more use out of the data your account is collecting.

Additional Resources


The abandoned cart block isn't available!

The abandoned cart block may not appear in your elements sidebar for two common reasons:

  1. Your eCommerce integration is not set up correctly. Review your eCommerce store's integration with Sendlane for possible connection issues.
  2. You already added an abandoned cart block to your email. Only one abandoned cart block is allowed per email.
A Contact abandoned a product view and move through the Automation!

The most common reason Contacts who abandon a checkout and do not move through your browse abandonment Automation is that they are browsing anonymously. Tracking requires non-anonymous browsing in order to trigger the Automation.

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