How to Retarget Miva Browse Abandoners with Automations

Use this guide to set up a browse abandonment or abandoned product viewed Automation that sends customers product recommendation emails containing information about products they’ve viewed in your Miva store.

This Automation will only trigger for Contacts who have created an account via your Miva store’s checkout flow.

In This Guide

Miva Abandoned Product Viewed Trigger

Use the Abandoned Product Viewed trigger in the Miva tab of the Trigger menu to retarget Contacts who view products in your Miva store after a specified period of time.

Trigger Settings

  • Store Select the applicable Miva store
  • Limit Per Subscriber Select a limit for the Automation
    • No Limit The Automation will trigger for all Contacts who meet the trigger criteria
    • Do not trigger when already in Automation The Automation will trigger only for Contacts who meet the trigger criteria and are not already being sent through the Automation
    • Once Per Day The Automation will trigger for all Contacts who meet the criteria one time in a 24 hour period, even if Contacts meet the trigger criteria more than once during the 24 hour period.
    • One Time Only The Automation will trigger one time for Contacts who meet the trigger criteria and will not trigger again, even if Contacts meet the trigger criteria again.
  • Consider Abandoned After Select a length of time the Automation should wait to send an email after the Contact has viewed a product.
  • For Products Move products from the Available box to the Selected box to specify which products should trigger the Automation when viewed.

Build a Miva Browse Abandonment Automation

  1. To create a browse abandonment Automation, click New Automation > Start From Scratch on the Automations page.
  2. Name your Automation and click OK.
  3. Click +Add Trigger > Abandoned Product Viewed
  4. Select your desired trigger settings and click Done
  5. To add an email node, click the + icon > Send Message > Email > Create New Email
  6. Build your email, and make sure to include the Miva Abandoned Cart block from the Content tab to populate links to products that Contacts viewed.
  7. Click Activate to activate your email.
  8. Optional: Add a Goal node to your Automation to check for purchases. Click the + icon > Goal.
  9. Edit your Goal settings and click Done.
  10. Add additional nodes to your Automation in line with your marketing strategy, then click Active to activate your Automation!

Once your browse abandonment Automation is active, Contacts who have created an account from your Miva store’s checkout flow and viewed products (along with any other criteria you specify) will receive browse abandonment emails!

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