SMS Marketing

SMS, or Short Message Service, is a great new way to stay connected with your contacts. Easily design and create hyper-personalized SMS messages based on actions and behaviors to deploy the right message, to the right contact, at the right time!

In this article we'll cover how to:

Before Getting Started

Please be sure you've started collecting phone numbers for your contacts prior to sending any SMS messages. You can either create a Pop-up in Sendlane, or use a platform that we integrate with such as Convertful to collect phone numbers!

Please Note

We do not currently support international SMS at this time due to data restrictions and privacy regulations, so please be sure the phone numbers you collect are from US-based contacts only.

Activating SMS Messaging

  1. From your Sendlane dashboard, click on Account → Billing 
  2. Under Additional Plan Options click Enable SMS Service
  3. Choose your sending phone number from the dropdown (this is the number your contacts will see when they receive texts from you) and click Get Number
  4. Confirm the SMS activation plan upgrade 
  5. In the SMS section, select the number of credits you'd like to purchase
  6. Click Add to Account

You're all set! You can now use SMS within automations to send text messages to your contacts.

Please Note

The SMS Service Plan is $10 per month, and rebills on the same date as your regular subscription plan. Credits are purchased separately. 

Each credit purchase is a one-time-only payment and is equivalent to the number of texts you can send. 1 credit = 1 text.

Sending SMS Messages via an Automation

  1. From your Sendlane dashboard, click on Automations
  2. Click on New Automation in the top right. Here's where you can learn more about creating Automations
  3. Select the Start from scratch option
  4. Select an appropriate trigger to begin your automation. In this example, we will use Subscribes to a List 
  5. Next, you will select Send Message followed by SMS
  6. Once the action has been added, you will be able to create the body of your SMS message on the right side of the editor 

  7. Continue to build out your automation to include any other desired actions
  8. Don't forget to Activate the automation once you're done building out your funnel

Once the automation is triggered, SMS messages will be sent to your contacts!


Activating SMS: Account → Billing → Activate SMS → Get Phone Number

Creating an Automation Using SMS: Automation → New Automation → Start from scratch → Select trigger → Send Message → SMS → Create Message → Save and Activate automation

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