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Use Sendlane’s SMS Reply Center to engage directly with Contacts who have replied to your SMS Campaigns or Automation messages! You'll have access to the Reply Center when you activate your SMS plan with Sendlane.

Conversations with Contacts are available in the Reply Center for 30 days from the thread's latest message.

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Access the Reply Center

Click the Reply Center icon to get started! 

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Find Messages

Use the search bar and checkbox filters to find specific messages using Contacts' information or sort messages from Latest to Oldest.

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Reply to Messages

In the Reply Center, you can use text, emojis, and MMS to reply to messages from your Contacts. Tracking links and tagged links are not available in the Reply Center.

Compose your message and click the arrow button to send your reply to your Contact!

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Manually Unsubscribe Contacts

To unsubscribe a Contact, open their reply in the Reply Center and click the Unsubscribe from SMS button. The Contact will receive an automated message confirming that they have been unsubscribed and will no longer receive your SMS content.

Contacts can resubscribe to your SMS content by sending an SMS message containing an Opt-In Keyword or by replying "unstop" to any SMS message from your account

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Review Contact SMS Activity

Contacts' SMS activity history appears on the right-hand sidebar of an open conversation in the Reply Center.

  • SMS Replies The number of messages in the Contact's conversation
  • Last SMS Sent The date of the last SMS message sent to a Contact
  • Last SMS Clicked The date of the last time a Contact clicked an SMS tracking link
  • Campaign Conversions An overview of all SMS Campaigns sent to the Contact and the Value of any conversions
  • Revenue Lifetime Value The total amount spent by the Contact
  • Revenue Orders Total The total number of orders placed by the Contact

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Additional SMS Resources

Check out the Sendlane Marketing Journal for tips, tricks, and best practices for SMS Marketing:

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