How to Change Your SMS Plan

Sendlane's SMS subscription plans can be adjusted at any time to fit your marketing strategy's needs!

Your SMS monthly or annual subscription will also auto-upgrade your plan if you attempt a send that requires more SMS credits than you have available in your account. Charges are always pro-rated based on the day of the auto-upgrade.

The number of credits used per Campaign or Automation SMS depends on the content of the message and the number of Contacts the message is sent to. Review our guide to SMS Content for details!

🚨 Important Note

If you signed up for SMS before October 2022 and are on a usage based plan with SMS credits, please contact your Customer Success Manager to make any adjustments to your plan

To change your SMS package:

  1. Click the Account icon > Billing > SMS Plans
  2. Select a monthly or annual plan based on credit size and review the Charge Amount below the dropdown to see what your payment will be.
  3. Click Upgrade or Downgrade based on the size of your old plan compared to your new plan to save your new plan!

Additional SMS Resources

Check out the Sendlane Marketing Journal for tips, tricks, and best practices for SMS Marketing:

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