How to Collect SMS Consent with Links


You can collect SMS marketing consent from new or existing Contacts by using a dynamic hyperlink!

The  VAR_SMS_JOIN tag in the snippet below will generate a unique code and SMS link for each Contact. When clicked on a mobile device, the SMS link will open the Contact's SMS app with a message draft to your Sendlane phone number containing their unique consent code. When Contacts send this message containing their unique code, consent to receive SMS will be recorded in their Contact Profile. Messages sent by Contacts to confirm their consent will appear in your Reply Center and will not cost any SMS credits!

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🚨 The following process will not work for test email sends

In order to receive a working SMS link, you must use a live email send. Instead of using the test email function, create a List with the email addresses you want to receive the "test" email.

Include compliance messaging

To collect consent to receive marketing SMS messages, your email, post, sign-up form, or other medium must contain:

  1. A link to your terms of service, AND
  2. A link to your privacy policy, AND
  3. Clear messaging on the consent your Contacts are giving to receive SMS marketing messages

See the sample message below:

By signing up for texts, you are agreeing to receive marketing text messages from [your business name] at the number provided, including messages sent by autodialer. Consent is not a condition of any purchase. Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency varies. Reply HELP for help or STOP to cancel at any time. View our Privacy Policy* and SMS Terms of Service*.

*Include hyperlinks to policies

Insert and edit an HTML block

The following method works wherever links are accepted. We'll use an email sent from your Sendlane account as an example!

Open any Campaign or Automation email in the Email Builder and click the Content tab to get started.

  1. Drag an HTML block into your email
  2. In the HTML window that appears, delete the Insert HTML Here placeholder text
  3. Paste the following HTML snippet in the HTML window:
<a href="sms:VAR_SMS_PHONE?&body=Send%20this%20text%20to%20subscribe%20to%20SMS%20Updates!VAR_SMS_JOIN">
    Text us to sign up for SMS updates!

Change Text us to sign up for SMS updates! to whatever you'd like to display in the email. Include an opt-in keyword to add Contacts to specified Lists!

We recommend using text that clearly communicates that Contacts will receive SMS messages from your brand if they choose to sign up for your SMS program.

Click Save to finish your block!

Additional SMS Resources

Check out the Sendlane Marketing Journal for tips, tricks, and best practices for SMS Marketing:

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