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How Do I Add a Tag to a Subscriber?

This article will guide you how to:

Tag a subscriber when you add them to a List
Tag a subscriber when they are already on your List
Tag a subscriber when using a Workflow

There are a few ways that you can add a Tag to a subscriber. Subscribers can be Tagged when you add them to your List or you can Tag a subscriber that is already among your Lists; subscribers can also be Tagged by an action within a Workflow. However, you’re going to want to have created a Tag before adding the Tag to a subscriber.


To Tag a subscriber when you add them to your List:

1. Select the “Subscribers” tab on the left side of your Dashboard
2. Then, select the blue “Add Subscribers” button on the top right of the screen
3. After providing your new subscriber information you will see an area where you can click and select a Tag to add to this subscriber, you can add additional Tags by clicking and selecting them in this area too
4. Make sure to finish the new subscriber form and then press the green “Subscribe” button at the bottom of the form

To add a Tag to a subscriber already among your Lists:

1. Select the ‘Subscribers’ tab on the left side of your Dashboard.
2. Click the email address that you are adding a tag to, to view their Subscriber Profile.
3. Select the ‘pen’ button, you will find in the upper right hand of your screen, and click ‘Edit’ within the drop-down.

4. You will find an ‘Add Tag’ button under the Tags section of your subscriber. From here you can select the appropriate tag from the list, and click ‘Add Tag’.

5. Make sure to select the ‘Save’ button when finished.

To add a Tag by using a Workflow:

1. Select the gray plus icon
2. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the window that pops up, and you’ll see but option to add a Tag to your subscriber

3. The Workflow will then provide you with a drop-down arrow to select the Tag you’d like to add to your subscribers